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A Lamp In His Pocket

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Not very many men carry lampe ia their pockefs, bnt there is at least one man who does, and that is the lamplighfer on the elevated road. It is an alcohol lamp, like a seotion of brass cylinder, five or six inches long and an inch through, and with a slender tube two or three inches long, holding the wiek, projecting at one end. The lainplighter comes in at the front door of the car with his larup lighted. With a rapid ease acquired by experience he lights the sis lamps, secming almost uot to pause in his progress through the car. If he is in the last car of the train, as he pulls down the chininey over the last lamp he has lighted and turas toward the rear door he blows out his own lamp and drops it in his pocket. His hands are now f ree. He throws back the door, walks out upon the platform, opens the gate and steps off upon the station platform or down upon the other side, ready to board the next train. A touch of a match will light the alcohol lamp. ■


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