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"The judges of the United States courts have, with rai-e exceptious, been men of excellent legal nbility aud of high character, ' ' writes ex-President Harrison in. The Ladies' Home Journal. "The, bar has sometimos coniplained that judges were arbitrary and not always as suave and respectful iu their treatment of the members of the b;ir as they ought to be. Perhaps there has jeen in particular cases gruuud for such complaints, but the oases have been few. Manifestations of rudeness and )assion are inexcusable in a judge. He must be deferential if he expects deference. He should be patiƫnt and eveu ;empered, for the case is sure to go his A'ay in his own couvt. And, on the other hand, the bar should always give its owerful aid to support the iufluence of he courts, for the judicial department s the keystone of our government and assaults upon it threaten the whole tructure of the stately arch. "


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