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A Humming Bird's Umbrella

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In front of a window where I worked ast suininer was a butternut tree. A humming bird built her uest on a limb that grew mear the window, and we had an opportunity to watch her closely. In fact, we could look right into the nest. One day when there was a heavy shower coming up, we thought we would see if she covered her young during the rain. Well, when the flrst drops feil, she came and took in her bill one of two or three large leaves growing close by and laid this leaf the nest so as completely to cover it; then she flew away. On exaniiuing the leaf we found a hole in it, and in the side of the nest was a. small stick that the leaf was fastened to or hooked upon. After the storm, was over the old bird came back and unhooked tho leaf, and the nest was periectly dry


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