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There is ■. i xonjcrct thiugs .iiaor; the gilded ycnth of i... v, and the valet is indemand. This cli land has led to the ostablishn.t ut in JJrou of a finishing acadi my fot geutiemen's servants. Here the gentleman 'a gentleman leurns all that is ueceasary for bina to know. The first thing that is done to a maferiealate is to ent his hair in the approved English frushiou and make liim clean shaven, or at least reduce his hirsate appendages to a modest "mntton chop" just torward of his ears. He is then put. iu livery and niade to peak only in au h-less English dialect, The varióos dorases of instraction include traiuing in all (be branches of nienial work, and when i pupil is sent out into the world he is given" a certifícate of profieieney in his partioniar conrse. One of the features of the course is the daily practice ia immobility, which oonsiste in standing for half an hour a day between Uvo upright bars so regolated that they touch the man's toes and breast bone in front and his coattails, shoulder blades and hat rim at the back. This gives the requisite wooden rigidity and is practiced by all pupils. Those whose physiques are lacking or too luxuriant arereduced to the proper f orm by vigorous


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