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A Grand Rapids despatch to the Free Press of yesterday says that "J. H. -Cavanaugh, of Ann Arbor, is favored in tbat city for the nomination of regent. " That must mean our genial and energetio obairman of the oonnty oommitee, Martin J. Cavanangb. One thing is certain, the state convention may go a good deal farther from Ann ■ Arbor and then not make choioe of so good a man as Mr. Cavanangb would be for the position. The demoorats made an excellent nomination yesterday for oonnty school commissioner in the person of Prof. A. B. DeWitt, superintendent of the Dexter schools. Mr. DeWitt is an experienced sohool teacher, a gradúate of the Ypsilanti Normal school, and one who has had sixteen or seventeen yeara' experience in teaching. He is a man bighly spoken of by the citizens of Dexter, and is not a politiciau. Teaching is his life work and he will bring knowledge and experience to the work of school oommissioner jf elected. TLe republioans conld not do better than to endorse Mr. DeWitt's candidaoy, as he is just the man needed for the sobools and the position should be taken out of politics. But whether the politicians can so sink their partisaDship or not, the people shonld give Mr. DeWitt a ronsing majority this spring. The wide divergence of opinión as to what cbanges sbonld be made in onr charter only illnstrates how charters are usually made. They are not the views of any one man, but are usually a series of comprornises, worked over into as harmonious a whole as possible nnder the oircumstaaces. Treating as a obarter must, of many different topics, that must be a strange mortal indeed who would agree that in all things the wisest provisión was inserted, but the very things -whioh he would piek ont as wrong, another man with just as bright a mind would say were all rigbt, while pointing out other provisions he tbougbt might be bettered. The present charter was like others, the prodnct of many minds, a committee of the ooanoil and tbe business men 's association worked for three months on it. The charters of other cities of Michigan were examined and compared aud the provisions whicb seeraed best from varions charters were incflrporated into thi8. prefereuoe being given in matters of doubt to the old charter of Ann Arbor. Certain sfetions were inserted based on previous exp9rience of their need in this city, and tbe whole of material thus obtained, was carefnlly gone over to work the charter into a harmonious whole. It is but just to the uien who labored so faithfully on the charter, to say that most of its provisiona.which have been greatly changed by amendment since, were provisions letained from the old charter. Careful discussions of various changes were had and the pros and cons duly considered. All this took time and much time. The first cotnpleted draft was changed again and again with a view to improviug it and wüen finally completed it represented a consensus of views and was nnanimously snpported by those who had oarefully examined it, while there was probably not one of them, who if the making of the charter had been committed to him individually, but would have made some alterations in it from the way in whicb it was reported and carried. The difïerence of opinión as to wbat should be done with the street commissioner in case the charter was chauged, illustrates that those who were opposed to the present system were irreconcilably opposed to each other's views as to what particular sys tem should take its place. Before any changes are made their effect should b carefully considered by men willing t listen to all the pros and cons.


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