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Killing Wolves

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Whole families oí' the animáis are soruetimes asphyxiated in their deus. A wolf of the gray variety geuerally makes its home by gettiug on the side of a dirt gnlrh and burrowing straight inward uutil a safe distanoe from the surface is reanhed. There her young are born and raised to stnrdy cub estáte. Wheu a cowboy locates a den in whioh he believes the entire faruily to be gathered, a eompositemassof cotton, saturated witb damp flour sulphur and other uoxinns sraelling substances, is thrnsf into the den and set on fire. The mouth of the hole is then fiJled with clay tamped down solidly, and the imprisoned wolves are speedily suffooated within. Iu tbis way froin 6 to 10 and 11 wolves, young and old, are wiped out at one stroke, Another effective inethod is to bore fonr or more holes in a flat piece of board and plug them up with beef fat soaked in stryohnine. The odor of the fat attracts any wolves that muy be in the vicinity, and they lick the fat voraciously until the leavening of poison does its work npon them and they drop dead. Very often as mauy as a dozen wolves are killed off by this prooess before the fat in the holes exhausted. Strychnine inclosed in capsules is also nsed. The capsule is thrust into a slit cut in a chunk of beef, and tha wolf, bolting the meat whole, falls an easy victim. Steel traps, baited with raw beef, are also tried with fair success. -


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