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Athens, Feb. 9.- The Official Gazette publishes a royal decree commissioning all the available warships of Greece and ordering the immediate dispatch of additional ships to the Island of Crete. The cruiser Hiaoulis has started for Retimo, Island of Crete, where the Mussulmans have occupied the Christian quarters and are pillaging the stores and houses. Three thousand Turkish troops have been concentrated at Salonika, in readiness to embark for the Island c,f Crete, but the Steam Navigation company refuses to convey them to their destination until the money for their passage is paid. According to the latest reports from Canea the situation on the Island of Crete is critical, to say the least. In Canea it is said the Christïans have hoisted the Greek flag and invited the commander of the Greek fleet to train his guns on the city in the name of the King of Greece. It is also stated that the Greek squadron, on arriving at Canea, did not salute the Turkish flag. In Turmoil of War. If these rumora be true, the whole island is probably in a turmoil of war, and the foreign fleets may have taken action to prevent furthèr disorders. The proclamation issued by the Cretan committee in this city calling upon freemen for assistance, was received with great enthusiasm, and many responses have been made in the shape of flnancial donations and offers of physical services, if necessary. Cries of "Long live the unión," and "Long live Crete," are heard on the streets in all parts of the city. Kor are the demonstrations in favor of union with Crete conflned to this city. Reports from cities and towns in all parts of the kingdom indícate that the people are aroused and determined to make the present trouble on the Island an occasion for revenging themselves on their old enemies, the Turks, by gaining control of Crete. The island belongs to Turkey, but has a numerous Grecian population. lts history is one of bloodshed since the Turks wrested it from the Venetians in 1669. Desire to Throw Oft' the Yoke. The progressive spirit of the Greeks makes them desirous of throwing off the Turkish yoke. Fighting between the fanatic Mussulmans and Christians has been going on for some time, and only last year Turkey was forced by the concert of the powers to institute reforms which, however, seem to have been of little benefit. In the last few weeks daily reports of massacres of Christians have been received, and there hasi been a tremendous pressure on the Grecian government to succor the persecuted Christians. The representatives of some of the powers have expressed to the Greek government surprise at the fact that warships have not been sent to the Island of Crete and that open demonstrations in favor of the union of Greece and Crete are tolerated througljout the kingdom. The report that the Christians are forming a'provisional government on the island is not given mueh credence in this city, as the latest news from Canea indicates that the Christians are fighting under the vlag of Greece all along the line.


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