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He Lost A Fortune

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A middle sized man, with a gray rnustache and a red tie hitched np on his collar, walked through the restaurant, iiodding to acquaintances here and there. As he stopped at the cashier'a desk a man who wns seated at a table noticed him, and, leaning aoross to his vis-a-vis, said, "Captain S , United States postal inspector and grand officia! catcher of green goods men." "Yes?" with interest from the maij across the table. "Sure. I have always regarded him with a peculiar affectiou. Hecame very near making me a rich man once - in fact, almosc made a wealthy citizen of me - so well to do that I would never have had to work again. " "How was that?" with a shade ol incredulity. "This way: Abont a year ago the captain snperintended a graud haul of green goods men. The firm which he raided was the largest, perhaps, in the country and had uulimited capital. They had packages of goo.d money to catch stickers with, and this money, atnounting to over $150,000, was captured and plaoed in a big satchel by the captain. I called on him for details of the story that afternoon. He was alone in the office. There were three of us - the captain, myself and thesatcheJ. He opened the satchel and showed me wealth beyond my wildest dreams. I hated to leave the beautifal visiĆ³n." And the narrator sighed deeply. "Well," said his frieud, "I don't see how that was auything like making you a rich man. " "Yon don't? Well, let me teil you this : If the captain had turued his back for just six seconds I would have been a rioh man immediately. But he never turned, and I had to go away again as poor as when I carne. " And with another bitter, heartrending sich he watched the insoector stroll out into the street.


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