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Washtenaw County Jail

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The report of the inspectora of tbe Washtenaw connty jail for the six raonths endiug Feb. 17, 1897, hias beeu made up and is now ready to be forwarded to tbe state board of coirections and oharities and to tbe board of supervisors. It shows that during the period Rince the last report wan made, there have been confiDed in the jail at different timeB, 235 prisoners, oharged with offenses as follows: Assault 1, assaolt and battery 7, bastardy 3, drnnk 118, drunk and disorderly 5, disorderly 7, distnrbing religious meeting 3, insane 2, larceny 30, laroeny from person 'Z, grand larceny 1, had a fit 1, bousebreaking 1, jail breaking 1, incest 1, suspicion of larceny 33, suspioion of burglary 8, suspicion 1, rape 1, vagrancy 2, false pretences 2, bodily harm 1, suspicion of morder 3, total 235. Of these 233 are males and 2 females. The offenses with which the females are charged are: Drunk and disorderly 1, larceny 1. Tlie nnmber of prisouers uow in jail is 27 ; of whota 20 are males and 1 female. Fifteen of these are detainod for trial and 12 are serviug sentences. . The report fnrther shows that the nnmber nsually confined iu one room by day is from one to 15, bnt only oue person is coufined in each cell at night. There is uo employment for any of the prisouers iu the jail. The condition of the bedding, cells, halls aud closets is good. No distinction is made in the treatment of prisoDers. Prisoners under 1(5 years of age are not permitted to ruingle or assouiate with older prisoners, and male aud female prisoners are coufined in separate rooms The only evil that the inspectora found in tbe cnnstruction or management of the jail is tbat it is too small. The report is signed by H. Wirt Newkirk, judge of probate; D. B. Green, county agent; Charles H. Kempf and Traoy L. Towner, superintendent of tbe poor, vjjao comprise the board of inspeotors. The offices thac have been fitted np tor the prosecuting attorney aud oounty school commissioner in tbe upper story of the court house, are vory neat, cheerfnl and cozy rooms.


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