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Moore & Wetmore was an Aun Arbor firm. They have dissolved partnership, Moore coming in out of the wet, auri Wetmore, continuing the business without the help of dry Moore any more. Between "pnffs," the new judge of probate of WashteDaw, wrote oat a role that hereafter there must be no smoking ia the court room during the hearing of cases. We would suggest that he postpone its euforcernent, until be has thoronghly oonquered the fragranoe of his "Eoyal egg-plant of Borneo." Aocording to the Ann Arbor Courier, its astronornical editor "has drank celestial wisdom, out of the Northern Dipper." Well, of conrse, we know that he bad been drinking, but had no idea where he got it. The stuft appears to havo been a "higii" wiue, and he evidently passed the dipper to the politioal editor, durirjg the campaign. The Times will agaiu state that it is not in any way respontnble for commnüications wbich appear in its columns. They do uot represent its editorial opioiou. - Washtenaw Times. Well, neighbor, whether they represeut editorial opinión or no, cuts little figure. If they are libelous, you will find that you are responsible with a big R, and don't misremember it. At least yon will be liable, for any libel either by editorial or correspondent rnaiioe. Better exerciss a little care Bro. Lisemer, for wheu you claim you are not responsible for oorrespondence, your "trolley is off." Over at Ann Arbor last week, the young men's Suuday eveniug club gave a Friday evening supper and social, and art exhibit, the dishes of the menu and the names of the exhibits, beiug hidden neatb conuudrumical puns. For iustance, on the menu, was "mixed morsels, " and the party orderiug it got Wiener Wurst. That's about the worst we ever heard. Iu the art display was "a model foot.," which proved to be a common foot rule, a 13 inch sell. A pair of dice, was called the "Garden of Eden." This we regard as Adam poor pan for that Eve. Still, there was a bunch of fun bigger than a gold dollar, as the guests called for their articles on the bill of fare, and were served with the unknown. When will people learn that it is not custotnary for newspapers to publish anonvmous commnnioations? - Ohelsna Standard. When? When it rains qnails, as it did íd tbe days of the Isi-aelites in the wilderness; wben barbecned beef runs in the street with küives and forks stnck in ita sides, crying, "Who'll eat meat?" ; when yon can drive from home by one road, and back by another, so that it will be down hill both ways; when nature ceasea to abhor a vacuüm ; when two bodies oan occnpy the same spaoe at the saine moment; when sticks and stringa bave only one end; when the frnit prophet makes a single correct prediotion; when ladies can keep secrets without gettiag other ladies to help them; when the house painter ootnes on the day he agreed to; when the stars fall ; when subscribers all pay subscriptions inad vanee; when bedbugs turn to humming birds; whan the fools are all dead. Not till then I my friend.


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