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An Infant Terrible

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"Literal children, er, more properly, children wfco talie yoor chiding literally, are holy terrera," relates a young maai noted for lus politeïiess to ladies. "I was in a herdic the ofher rtay wKich was mnch crowded, thongh no one standing at the time Presently a liuiy and gentleman got in. ;u.d Í gave ruy seat to the lady, loaving ho old gentleman standing, fcumediately ;i yoimg lady aitting in one end oí Uv herdio calicdfo her littlc sister, a child of 6 perhaps, who was sitting uear (he door at the othcT end, to 00111e to her and give her soa; to the elderly gentleman. The child came willingly enongh, and while the sister ■wasreadiüg her a lesaon in manuers a passenger Küt out, and I took a soat. "Never let me see you remain seated aain wheu people older than you are stauding, ' ' closed the lecture, and the child was crowded, half sitting, half standing, between the older sister and the lady next to her. Two minutes later a pretty girl got in, and of course, as the only gentleman in the herdic, I gave her my seat. No sooner had I done so than thatsmall terror was on her feet. "Oh, mister," she said in sweet, shrill accents, "you takeniy seat! You's older than me. ' ' And everybody laughed, of course, trust a lot of giggling girls for that, for the only place on earth that I eouldhave "taken a seat" was on the sister's lap, from which the child had slid. I didn't take the seat, but I did take to the Street and walked five blocks in a drizzling rain to get away


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