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The South Carolinian

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Tho South Caroliniau his always arrogated t.o hitnsolf the name Coroliiiian, and l:o has never boen on very familiar terms witn bis nortbera neigbbor. His feoling for bis soutbern ueighbor, tbe Georgiau, is also one of ruere tolerance, íor the latter bus loug . beeir callad tbe i southern Yaukefi and f airly deserves the i appellation. He bas ruuch of tbo shrewduess aud push tnat mark tho typioal "d'owu easter, "and be has u considerable share of that worthy's moral earuestuess. Iu additioo he has a good deal of the Virginiau's geuiality and love of comfort, of the North Caroliuiau's uupretendiug democracy and of the South Caroliuiau's tendency to exhibitioua of fiery temper. But over and above evorything else he has an honest and hoarty and uot unfounded pride in Georgia, aud a sort of Masonic affiliation with every porson, animal, institution, cnstom - in short, thing - that can he called Georgian. Hei may uot always stand for culture, but he doea always stand for patriotism, state and national. He loves success, strength, s-traightforwardness and the solid virtues geuerally - neither is he averse to the sbovvy ones - but above all he loves virtue in aotiou. Though possessed of a stroug, clear intellect, he is more partioularly a man of five seuses, of which he makes as good use as he en. He may not always taste the j-ucetnessorsee the light of the bighest civilization, but he has a good healthy


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