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Ann Arbor Savings Bank

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REPORT OP THE CONDITION OV THE At Ann Arbor, Michigan, at the close of business, Oct t, 1S9i. EESOUKCES. UAftlMTlES. LoansandDlacounts, 507,85fl 17 r , , . , tmm.„ Stocks, BondB. MortfrweB, etc 604,758 15 ft'8! "aW '" imXS m OtherRealEstiite 19,920 9 WvifleiBtouiipiiMI 0 00 Due frombanks in reserve cities ... 77.245 71 umtwuio. Duefrorootherbankeandbankers.. 112 W) Commercial deposite, subject to Cbecks and cash items 1,742 81 chock )87.L827 Nickels and CentB 487 19 s li"t.. - 730,842 76 Goldcoiu, ... an.itS 50 Savinirs LVrtltt-nroPof Depoelts 102.622ÍW Silver coin 2,00 DO Dvie to Banks ind üankers 7,595"0O ü. S. and National Bank Notes, 52,(ii4 00 ' 133,53S 80 $1,233,528 80 STATE OF MICHIGAN, i County of.Washtenaw. (BBI, Charles E Hiscock, oashler of the roincd dunt., do soiemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowleiii un tiflii'f ('has. E. IIiacoCK, Cashier. Subscribed and aworn to before me, tbie 9ih ftj oi (kinhi r, IHftil Htcbati .1 Fkitz, Notary Public. Corhkct Attest: Christian Maek. W. D. Hairiumn, W. 11. Smltt), Directore. Capital, $50.000. Surplus, $150,000. Resources, $1,000,000. Transaete a general banking businesf , buys and sells exchanges ou New York, Detroit and Chicago; sells drafts on all the principal cities of Europe. This bank, already having a lar ge bvisiness. invites merchante and others to open accounts with them with the aasurance of the most liberal dealing consistent with safe banking. In the Savings Department interest at the rate of f our per cent. is paid semi-annually, on the flrstdys of January and July, on all sums that were deposited three months preTions to those days, thus affording the people of this city and county a perfectly safe depository for their f unds, together with a return in interest for the same. Money to loan on approved securities. Directoes.- Christian Mack, Daniel Miscock, Willard B. Smith, W. D Harrimon, William Deubel, David Kinsey, L. Gruner. Officbrs.- Christian Mack, President; W. D. Harriman, Vice-i'iesident Chas. E. Hiscock, Cashier. M, J. Pritz, Ass't-Cashier.


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