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Filling A Bulldog's Teeth

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A powerfnl and ferociqus bulldog, owned by Dr. .Ward of Scranton, Pa., enjoys tho distinction of having a big gold filling in one of his incisora, and a good maiiy citizons, who have caught a gleaiu of the gold ii his ruouth, wonder how the filling was done. Sonie think it was done through hypnotic influence by the doctor over the dog, while othera insist that it was through the dog's implieit obedience to his master's command. ïhe bulldog's name is Gein. He is as ngly in appearance as a prize winner in a dog show. His nose is amass of wrinkles, and his eyes have a wicked gleam for any one bnt his master and Mrs. Ward. His affection for them, however, knows no bounds. When Gem was diseovered one day clasping his muzzle befrween his paws, rolling over and over on the floor and moaning, his mouth was examined, and it was fonnd that there was a big cavity in one of the incisors. It was decided thát a dentist should be consulted. The dentist found that it would be necessary to use a rubber dam, and he promised to fill the cavity provided Geni was etherized. ïhis was done, and the operation was a suceessful one, although Gem evidently thought otherwise. Some time afterward the filling came out, and Gem 's last state was worse than his first, for he ref used to submit to another operation with ether. At the first sniff of the ansRsthetic he not only added a score of wrinkles to those already in his nose, bnt showed his teeth in so dangerous a way that the dentist refused to proceed. Dr. Ward insisted that he could make Gem stand on the table and have the tooth filled without wincing. The dentist was dubious abont trusting his hand betweeu the brute's jaws, bnt finally consented to try. Gem -was put on the table, and his master stood in front of Mm, kept his eyes fixed on Gem's and told him to open his rnouth. Gem did so, and a rubber dam was soon adjusted in place. The dentist set to work witli the instrument of torture called a bur, and one of Gom 's ears went down in a threatening way, while the other remained cocked. The doctor held one finger raised and kept his eyes fixed on Gem's, that never wandered from his master's gaze. The attitude of Gem's ears proved a barometer of his sufferings when the bur touch ed a spot close to the nerve. When both ears went down, the dentist knew he had gone as f ar as dogs' nature would let him go. Gem's eyes never wandered from the doctor 's in the 1L hours the dentist was at work. Gem stood the final polishing, and when his master gave the word for him to get down from the table Gem danced with demonstrations of joy at his release. Since that day he has no trouble in masticating the biggest beef bone. -


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