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Tobacco An Essential

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In a general order issued recently the president -virtually recognizes tobáceo as an article esseutial to the wel] being and sustenance of the soldier in times of great exertion, as well as in times of peace and routine. The order, which emanates from the war departroent, reads as follows: "Under the authority vested in him by section 1146, revised statutes, the president hereby establishes an emergeucy ratiou for troops operating for short periods uuder ciroumstances which reqnire thein to depend upon supplies oarried upon their persons. lts component parts are as follows: Bacon, 10 ounces ; hard bread, 1 0 ounoes ; pea meal, 4 ounces, or an equivalent in approved material for ruaking soup;coffee, roasted and ground, 2 ouiices, or tea, half an ounoe; sacchariu, 4 grains; salt, .64 ounce; pepper, .4 ounce; tobáceo, halfan ouuce. " The secretary of war directs that tbis emergency ration be resorted to only on occasions arising in active operations when the use of the regularly established ration may be impracticable ; that, although its nutritive qualities permit its uRe on half allowance, it will not be so used except in cases of oerrulingnecessity and liever for a longer period than ten days, and that not more than live days' emergency rations be carried on the person at one time. By order of the secretary of war, the eubsistence department will provide tough paraffin paper for wrapping the bacon; will furnish hard bread ingreaseproof packages the pea meal in cylindrical packages, and the coffee, tea, saccharin, salt, pepper and tobáceo in suitable paokagos. ■


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