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New York, Feb. 16. - At a of preachers at the Methodist Book Concern, after a paper was read combatting Dr. Lyman Abbott's recent declarations eoncerning the Bible, the Rev. W. James Buckley, editor of the New York Christian Advocate, the official organ of the Methodist church, rosé and boldly said: "I am sorry to disagree with the paper of my friend Curtis. I don't believe in the infallibility of the Enaüsh version of the Bible, and I think there are scarcely four men in this meeting who do." There was a gasp, a groan, a confused hum of voices, and then a chorus -of protests. Dr. Buckley's language was practically a defense, a fortiflcation of the declarations of Dr. Lyman Abbott. When Dr. Buckley had flnally sat down the storm broke and his declarations were vigorously assailed. l6DOUDce Kuckley's Views. Clergyman after clergyman arose a.nd in somewhat unclerical heat denounced the views of Dr. Buckley and Dr. i man Abbott. Dr. Shaffer of Newburg and Dr. I.eonard of this city were the leaders in the discussion, Dr. Buckley declined fervent appeals to retract his words and demanded a vote on the juestion of the infallibility of the Bible. "If you doubt the infallibility of the Bible," cried Dr. Shaffer, "we can very well get along without you arid all like you." "You are afraid to have a vote taken," retorted Dr. Buckley. "I do not pretend at this time to question the infallibility of the Bible as it was written in Hebrew and the Greek, but I do question parts of it as it is written In English, and I want a vote taken." Those who believed in the infallibility of the "English version of the Bible were to rise and be counted. Only one man arose, Dr. Shaffer. The other clerg-ymen. however, said they did not cónsider such a vote authorized.


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