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Satisfaction In Crete

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Canea, Island of Crete, Feb. 16.- [Copyrighted, 1896, by the Associated Press.]- The Russian, Prench, British, Italian, and Austiian flags are floating over Canea and the fact causes general satisfaetion here. The state of uncertainty which has so long prevailed ia now at an end and the Christians believe themselves to be rid, for all time, of Mussulman rule. There are 450 foreign marines ashore, and they occupy the best positions in the tovvn, the British being quartered in a Iárge building adjoining the telegraph office. The Russian, French, British and Italian warships each furnish 100 marines to the landing party, and the Austrian warship contri buted flfty men to the foreign garrison. The utmost order is maintained. guards are regularly mounted, and the outskirts of the tovvn are patrolled. Toltl to Withdratr Troop. Sliortly after landing Monday afternoon the Italian offlcer, vvho is in command of the foreign force, by agreement between the naval commanders, issued a summons, addressed to the com mander of the Greek army corps at Platonics. Colonel Vasses, to withdraw his troops, and the insurgents were called upon to cease hostilities, pending the decisión of the powers as to the future of Crete. To this the Greek commander replied: "I have come here with four battallons of Greek troops with orders to occupy the country and I must carry out my orders, pending further instructions." The orders of the foreign admiráis being conflned to preventing the landing of Greek troops at Canea, Retimo, and Heraklion, they could not interfere with the Greeks under Colonel Vassos. Later an officer was sent to Akrotiri to notify the insurgents of the joint occupation of Canea by the forces of the powers and calling upon them to lay down their arms and cease hostilities. Great ftïassacre Keported. The insurgents leaders promised to consider the matter, and it is understood will send a delegation for the purpose to Canea. A great massacre is reportad to have occurrred at Sitit, and the Italian warship Daría has been hastily dispatehed to that place. Hadepa and its vicinity are now tranquil. It is reported that strong reinforcements of Greeks will be landed on the island shortly. The occupation of Canea ■w-as carried out by the foreign fleets with the consent of the Turkish officials, and it is not in any way likely to add to the complications at Constantinople. The commander of the Greek fleet was also forraally notified of the joint occupation of this place. The Turkish authorities are demoralized and are simply following out the recommendations they receive from foreign admiráis, who are acting in accord and consult upon every step to be taken.' Provisional Christain Government. It ís thought certain that the next departure will be the establishmnt of a provisional . Christain government of Crete, pending consent of the powers being given to the annexation of the island to Greece, although it does not seem as if that country was willing to wail any longer for the nècessary permission and intenda to admlnister all parts of the island not occupied by the foreign marines. If Turkey is willing to accept the situation and submit to the annexation of Crete to Greece, the foreign marines will be promptl.v withdrawn and Greece, in rui'ñ. will withdraw her fleet from Cretan waters. Ismael Bey, the Turkish official who has succeeded Georgi Broviteh Pasha as governor of Crete, has been in communication with the foreign admiráis and it is understood that he has entered a formal protest against the landing of the Greek force at Platonics.


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