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The Master Masons' Party

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The Masonic dancing party at the temple Friday evening, was attended by about 110 couples. Excellent music was furnished by the Chequarnegon and Aiiuuis' orobestras, and dancing was kept np nntil 3:15 a. in. Bountiful refreshrnents were served by H. G. Prettyman in the dining room and red room dniing the evening. The drill room was used for round dances and the lodge room in which a canvas bad been stretched on the floor, was nsed for square danoes with an ocoasional waltz or two step thrown in. The rooms and hallways were all decorated with potted plant and bunting, the lodge room was amply decorated by the beautiful brilliancy of the 98 electric lights that have jast been placed on the ceiling in artistio designs. Ooiden Bale and Fraternity lodges treated their , gnests well and words of praise for the good management are heard on all sides. The only thing that detractad in any way from the perfeot enjoyment of the party was the use of card programs. It was a decided nuisnnce and being made out for one room created considerable confusiĆ³n, in that it conld not possibly be made to conform te tbe dancing as carried on in the other.


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