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Ann Arbor Common Council

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Moüday night's meeting of the comnion counuil lasted just 30 minutes. All the aldenuen were present except Aid. Maynard, haubengayer and Coou. Very little business and tbat of a minor nature was trausacted. Mayor Walker reported having appointed Silas P. Hill as special policeman to act on and iu the vicinity of the university gronnds, said services to be performed without expense to the city. A petition signed by J. Fred Bross and 19 others for the reinoval of the stoae crusher, was presented to the counoil and on motion referred to a committee of three, consisting of Aid. Koch, Sbadford and Burke. The committee on sewers, to whoru was referred the subject of a sewer in sewer district No. 5, recommended tbat Priday, February 26, from 10 a. m. to 4p. m., at the office of the city clerfc, be set as tbe time and plaoe for hearing all persons incerested. Adopted. The street committee asked foi longer time on the subject of the bridge over the Michigan Central railroad and it was granted. The speoial oommittee on charter revisión reported "that in their opinon no change in tbe charter is advisanle at this session of the legislature. " Adopted. Aid. Burke presented tbe following resolation which was adopted : "Resolved, That the board of public works bo and are hereby instruoted to purchase and set out in' the oity parks nnt more tban 25 trees, that the work be done at once under the direction of the street oommissioner, and that as large trees as the commissioner thinks can be made to live be used by him and that the snm of 10 be appropriated for that purpose." The commtttee on flre departmeut reported that in the matter of the bill of C. L. ïost, for the new flre department team of horses the board of fire commissioners acted in good faith and tbat the bill sbould be paid. They farther reported against fnrnishing wood to the north side kindergarten. Both recommendations were adopted.


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