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All the ice houses at Hamburg Junotiou have been filled with ioe. Toledo parties are buying beaDS at Hamburg paying 40 audöO cents per bushei for them. The Mooreville Maccabees are inaking pieparatious for their aunual anniversary celebration. A recent donation at Unadilla for the benefit of Rev. H. B Duuning, pastor of the Presbyterian church, netted $82.45. A donation at the Baptist church, Chelsea, Wednesday evening of last week, netted $54.10 for the pastor, JRev. J. H. Girdwood. The members of the Saline fire cornpany will put on a play at the opera house, March 6, the cast of whioh will be taken by local talent. A nnmber of Hambnrg ladies will iu the near future, endeavor to elévate hnmanity by indulging in a female "nigger show." - Oakland Excelsior. Miss Josephine Davidson, of Ann Arbor, assisted by Ohelsea talent, gave a dialect entertainment at the Baptist church in that village, Tuesday evening, vvhich was well attended. Thomas Wilson, of Milan, was 91 years old Thursday of last week. He Btill enjoys good physical health and is able to walk out a good deal on fine days. Rev. J. Ward Stone, of Milan, has fcctpfed the pastorato of the First Baptist chnrch of Aurelius, Ingham oouuty, a chnrch of more than two huudred members, and begins work at once. Hamburg seems destined to boom despite the removal of it-s railroad residents. It is reported that fonr families are aaxious to move ito the village, bnt cannot owing to soaroity of houses. - üaklaud Excelsior. Tbe "free seat offering" of the Chelsea Al. E. sooiety, vvill be held at the ohurch this evening. Snpper will be served and a fine program has been prepared for the occasion whioh, will be a pleasaut and souiable event. The youug friflnds of Miss Carrie Baries, of Lima, stole a maroh on her Monday eveuing of last week, aud gave her a surprise party in honor of ber 19th birchday. A most enjoyable vening's fun was the resnlt. Tbe seniors of the Chelsea high school gave a box social at the home of Miss May Wood, in Lima, Monday eveuiug, whioh was attended by neariy every member of the olass and was a bribt aud pleasing social event. A meeting of Lafayette Grange was held at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. O. O. Burk, of Lima, yasterday, at ■which tbe creamery questiou was further discussed, also tho question "Should the law providing for the colleotion of farm statistios be repealed." The oldest daughter of Mrs. Mary ENewton, of Whittaker, died in Graud Rapids, the first part of last week, and the remaics were brought back to Whittaker for interment, the funeral services being held at the Congregatioual i churoh, Wednesday of last week. A donation was held at the Cougregational churcb, Chelsea, Wednesday evening, for the benefit of Rev. J. 8. Edmouds and family. A musical program by the ohoir of the church, aseistod by the Misses Alta Beaoh and White, of Aun Albor, was rendered during the evening. The donation nefcted a nice som. The Masonic lodge in Saline and the Davenport building in which its rooms are located, had a narrow escape froixi a serious fire Tuesday nigbt of last week. Win. Brainard, the tyler of the lodge, went up that evening toget thiugs in readiness for the meeting. He had only kerosene oil enough to fill the small lamps, and after filling them went and had the can refilled, ont of which he filled the larger lamps. He lit a few of the small ones, but left the larger ones until a little later. In the mean time he preparad the wood and kindlings in the front stove and to start tbe fire quickly poured from the can a small qnantity of its contents (in the kindlings, aud aftei putting away the cao lit the contents of the stove. whioh instantly exploded, proving to tbe iönocent tyler that bis newly purchased kerosene oil was no inorn taan gasoline. The quantity in the stove beiug ouly a few spoonsful no ser ons results follüwed, bnt had he fire 1 up tho two big lamps, whicb containr.d more tban half a gallon, he wbuld doubtless have been badly burued and the fire compnay hari a chance to put in some fine practice work - Saline Qbserver. The charter electioD in the villages u tuis iiouuty will be held Monday, Maren 8. Williatn Drake will havo charge of his mother's farm in Sylvan, the ooming seasou. Orren Parker, of Dexter, is drawing the lnmber for a big barn which will be ereoted in the spring. Mrs. George Simrnonds, of Chelsea, slipped on tbe veraDda of her hoine Friday week and broke her leg. Mrs. Thomas Bogg, of Dexter, suffered a stroke of paralysia Saturday week, aud her oondition is considerad oritical. The members of the Webster Literavy Clnb will meet at the home of Miss Kate Suiith, in that town, this evening aud "trip the light fantastiu. " Herbert K. Bnrrell, George Scotney and J. E. Warner will be candidatos for Domiuation on the republican ticket for treasnrer of Ypsilanti town this spriug. Herman Meypr died at his home in Sharou, Weduesday of last week, of liver complaiut. The fnueral services were held at Emannel's chnrch, Manchester, on Friday. Will Westfall bas rented the Conklin farm iu Bridgewater and will move there next month. Henry Calhonn of the same township has rented his farm to William Sohneiring. Prof. Joshna G. Leiand, of the Kirkwood, Mo., military academy, and Miss Jennie Lou Campbell, were married Monday at the home of the bride's parenti in Sharon. The Ypsilanti city council at its last meeting endorsod the proposed aniendment to the oity charter, exteudiug the mayor's term to two years, but defeated the other amendments. The Manohester Enterprise says its editor has talked with a good many men who raise celery and ie flnds that the acreage to be planted this ssason will be greater than it has ever been before. Depnty Game Warden Rose has been ou the lookout for violators of the fisti luws. Some people have an idea that they eau spear fish through the ice whenever tbey choose, bnt they bsttar look a littla out. - Mauchester Enterprise. Glen C. Lawrenoe, of Ypsilanti, who receutly moved there from Lansing and bought the old Andrew Clark place one mile west of Ypsilanti, has been appoiuted to a clerkship in the Port Huron custom house. Pboenix Lodg?, No. 13, F. &. A. M., of Ypsilauti, celebrated its 50th auniversary Monday, and Masous from Ann Arbor, Milan. Saline and other places helped the brethren celébrate the event in 'a most fitting mauner. George Reado, sr , of North Lake, dropped a orosseut saw on his leg and inflicted only a slight wonnd, to which n paid bnt little attention. Before he got through with it inflammation set in and he had a very serióos time before tne inflammation was allayed The Ann Arbor railroad don't know Pettysville any more. So far as tbey are concerned it is a Pompeii of two or three centnries ago. Some enterprising or curious individual may come along in a tbousand years and try to lócate aud dig it out. - Milan Leader. The officers of the Mooreville Baptist Sunday school for tbe ensniug year are: Superintendent, J. D. Forsythe; assistant superintendent, J. H. Boyden; secretary, James Boyden, jt. ; treasnrer, W. L. Clark; organist, C. M. Fuller; chorister, M. A. Stoddard. T. VanGieson & Sun, of Bridgewater, sold several meriuo ram lambs to A. A. Wood, of Saline, deliveriug tbem Tuesday of last week. Mr. Wood will mako a shipiaent either to Australia or South África, and these lambs will be included in the süipment. - Clinton Local. Subscription papers for shares of stock in the proposed crearuery at Saline are being circulated. Bat "unless those who expect to reap some good from the enterprise are williug to come to the front and help it along, the project will fall through and the old style hard work aud low prices will be the outcome," says the Saline Observer. Miss Minnie Randall, who teauhes in the Allen district, Bridgewater, has received a library of -10 volumes, inclndiug Chambers' encyclopedia, whioh the school has been able to pnrchasu with the proceeds of ita exhibitions and subaoriptiouH. The scholars are to be oommended for their energy and perseverance. Mr. Sebastian Gehringer, of Freedom, aud Miss Grace Diekerson, of Bridgewater, were married at St Francis' cbnrch,,in Freedom, Thursday ' of last week, by Rev. Fr. Heidenrich. After the ceremouy a reception wae held at the home of tbe bride's mother, Mrs. Charles Dickersou, whioh was attended by the relatives and frienós of the newly wedded couple. S. Clark, a machinist in the Soharf tag, label and box factory at Ypsilanti, was badly scalded Monday morning. He was sitting' in front of the heater in tbe engine room when suddenly the door blew open, letting a large amonnt of boiling water and steam out upoo him. He was badly scaided abont both legs, hands, shoulders, neck and face, bnt while the wounds are painful they will uot disfignre hirn. ThR officers of St. Mary's Sodality of St. Mary's chureb, Chelsea, for the eusoing year are: Prefect, Miss Varina Beissel; first assistant, Miss Mary Miller; seooud assistant, Miss Anna Beissel; seoretary, Miss Alice Muilen; treasurer, Miss Katharine Miller; organist, Miss Mary Clark; reader, Miss Anna MoKune; sacristán, Miss Ida Kensoh ; marshals, Miss Jennie Gorman and Miss Agnes Wade. Several changes are to be made this spriug among those who live on iented farms iu the town of Bridgewater. JVlr. Sweet vill move to the Halliday farm whioh, for severaí years has been worked by Jake Eentsohler; Will Westphal wil! work the Oonkliu place, while Henry Calhonn has rented bis farm to Will Scbneiring, and will move to Mauchester in Aprii. Hebron Fellows wül occnpy the honse soon to be vaoated by Mrs. Helon Dickerson, and Jasper Arnold, oue of Wm. Hanke's honses. Geo. Hammond, who bas been sick for over four weeks with bronchitis and asthtaa, is able to be oat again.


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