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Chelsea's nervee and cords are strained in an efEort to fonnd a bntter an ice cream foandry in the village. A temperance play at Ransoin, failed last week, for tbe lack of a "full" audieuoe. Friends of the causa regret this. Saline is so overrnn by life insurance agents that it is as mnch as a inau's life is worth to go out on Ibe street among theni. Feller, over in Saline rises up in the Free Fress and kicks for six days school a week, and 12 bours a day. Boys, you have been aching all tbe term to pelt some deserving subject to death with snow balls. There's your rnan. The Manchester Enterprise states that it bas proof that salted bntter weiglis less than fresh butter, and claims that farmers who nversalt tbeir bntter, fooi themselves. If this is trne, no farmer who Iets a 250 pound barrel of salt drop on bis toes, need hobble into this office for sympathy, as the salt aotnally weighs less than nothing. A tramp at Ann Arbor attempted to whip the fire department, to whom he applied for aid, and was directed to Superintendent Mason. Charles Edwards at that moment carelessly yawned, and his ontstretched band, which was closed. came in contact witb the eye of the tramp, who feil down, and was given 12 days in jail almost before he recovered consciousness. The statute provides that for sentences up to and iuclnding three years, the prisouer is entitled to 75 days each year for good bebavior, so our readers can easily figure out how much over two years Bishop will serve, provided he is a good prisoner. - Ann Arbor Argus. He raay prove a good prisouer, but be was a very "bad actor," and it is thoi ght that the jndge took that into cousideration in flxing bis sentence. The small boy who goes to school with tbe buttons on bis clothes, bis faoe and bands clean, his hair neatly brushed and a pocket handkerohief in his pooket, has left a mother at home that takes pride in her boy. - Dexter Leader. And tbe mother, whose small boy has not come home at night with half tbe luvtons off, his pants ripped in vital [ilaces, his hair like a porcnpine's back, and snow or mnd all over bim, and sa.vs he either licked the other kid or got iicked, has a son whose future will be a hnmiliating failure. It was a pretty story about McKinley and Alger years ago, saying to each otber, that if either became president, tbe other would be called into the cabinet. Now comes the story, that once on a time, so runs a narrativo in tbe Ann Arbor Argus, Gen. Fred Maynard, introduced MoKinley to an andience, witb the remark that be was abont to present a man, wbo would some day be president of the United States, whereupon Maok put his band on he general's shoulder and said, "Shoald I ever be president, you sball be one of my cabinet." On the strength of tbat remark. Maynard is now expecting a cal'. Should be get in, on this ligbtly made promise the public, remembering the fulh'lment of the vow made. to Alger, will recall the story of ccmpassiouata Gov. Begole, who let out of tbe stata prison most of the convicts who asked for release. One day the governor visited the Jaokson penitentiaiy and while gcing throuph it, was aooidentally jostled by a conviot, at work. "I beg your pardon, governor," said the man; and thereupou Uncle Josaib tnok from inside of his tile hat, a blank pardon, asked the prisoner's name, filled it in, and the fellow walked forth, a free man.


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