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Memphis, Term., Feb. 23. - Frank Burkitt of Mississippi, the newly elected president, called the Reform Press association to order promptly at 10 o'clock Tuesday. Prominent amocg the late arrivals was 'General" J. S. Coxey, of commonweal army fame. Coxey was delayed en route and did not reaeh the city until late Monday night. He will take active part in the proceedings and will address the convention at an opportune time. Immediately upon assembling Joseph Parker of Louisville, Ky.. the secretary. secured the Hoor. He said that serious charges had been made tay the Neoraska state association igainst ex-President Vandevoort. The Nebraska leader was charged with being a Republican spy in the Populist ranks. Vandevoort immediately took I the floor and demanded an investigation i cf the charges. He said in behalf of himself, his wife and child, and his friends, the charges should be investi&.'iU".ï. A motion was made to appoint a committee of three to investígate the charges, and a dozen delegatea were on their feet in a moment howling for recognition. The convention then got into a hopeless parliamentary tangle. Committee Appointetl. McDowell of Tennessee was finally recognized and in a vigorous speech demanded that the charges be ignored. An exciting debate took place, in whlcta the entire convention took part. Vandevoort. despite motions to vote down the motion to investígate, insisted that it be passed. A delégate suggested that Mays of the state of Washington, McDowell of Tennessee, and Babb of North Carolina be named as a committee. National Committeeman .Washburne took his first part in the proceedings of the convention. He suggested that as Babb s a strong anti-Butlerite, the country might think it was a scheme to whitewash Vandevoort. Thereupon Babb was withdrawn and Ferguson of Texas was substituted. The committee Was then accepted by the convention and the resolution passed. Vandevoort invited the committee to his rooms, saying he would easily disprove the charges made against him. The ccmmittee en by-law's and constitution next reported. Meution of Otlteers. The telegram from Kansas City was received and replied to by refevring the Kansas City convention to the constitution of the associatfon. The election oí" oíFicers was the next order of business. W. F. Mays of the state of Washington and G. F. Washburne of Boston were nominated for vice president. Mr. Washburne quickly withdrew his name and Mays ivas elected by acclamation. Other offieers elected were: Recording secretary and treasurer, Joseph Parker of Kentucky; corresponding secretary, John H. Boyd of Texas; "ready print" editor, Morgan of Indiana; members of exeoutive board, J. H. Ferriss. Illinois; N. H. Mortsinger. Indiana; E. H. Peters, Texas: P. J. Dixon, Missouri: G. S. Kestler, North Carolina; committee on educational vork, J. H. Ferriss, Illinois; Paul Vandevoort, Nebraska: Abe StE!nberger, Kansas: B. S. Peters, Texas; B. G. West. Tenn.


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