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f How ïs It ! p Possiblc? I wíífír Yon ean't BC6 bOW i il Kocii is any iiKulfíit lunü-'. c,i,i ; Ui J Ikn ír 10 cents .1 pack i. r "' l 2 large pli The Reason's Plain. iil Many carloads of the mafe for None Such Minee Meat rjrare bought at one time, at iirst ö' hands. All the paring, chop7j ping, secding, Btemming and , tf clcaning are done by perfectcd machincry. Such immense ■ quantities are sold that a mite I of profit on eacli package of B ÍQ pnmiQ-Vi All gpocers ftcll lt. Besur m ■ lb euougn. and gel th0 g,uuiL(,, Jl 8 n' yiuir iiaini and ïddress anti mention ftls il and we wlll mat! tou free a book. "Mth. lff 9 Popklos' Thnnktlliving," bv ono f the most fM H ular bomorous itubür.s of tbe day. UEItltELL.SOl'I.E CO., SÏIUCVSE, N. Y. (jj? il- - - - "Sgfe IN THE North American Review YOU WM.r, AI.WAYs KIND The Right Topics, By the Right Hen, At the Right Time. The Topics are a.ways those wliicli are uppern ost in the 'public mind- in moráis, politics, science, literature, business, finance, industrial economy, social uid municipal affairs, etc. - in short all subjecta on wh ch Americans require and desire to be lnformed. No maöaZINE FO'll.ows so CLOSKLT FHOM MONTB TO MONTH THÉ COUK8K OP PUBLFC I.Ntkhkst. All subjects an treated impartially on both sides. The Contributor.s to the Uh.n: are the men and women to whom the woi-ld looks for the must autboritative statements op the subjects oí theday, No other periodical can poinl tosuoh a succession of distinguished writers. 'l'tir lisi is ;i rol] of the peóple who are making the history. oontrolling the affairs, and leading the opinión of the age. Tlo ■Time wiu'ii these subjects are treated of by these contribu tors in the Review is the very tune when the subjects are in the public mind. The Review is n,e only periodical of its Kind whieh has a recognized place as A PAMILÏ U (.-A.INK. This is beciuiso ii devotes bo rauch atteiition tn snbjecis that are of particular interest to women. Subscription Price, $5.00 a Year. TfiE MOHBÍaÍllAll" REVIEW. 291 Flfth Ave., New York.


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