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Good Paper, - - 3c per roll. Silver Effects, - - 5c per rol 1. Best Ingrain Paper, - 8c per roll. Heavy and Best Quality, - 8c, 10c, 12c per roll. G000 WINDOW SHADES All complete for 15c each. Larest assortment in the city. GEORGE WAÏÏR Opposite Court House, Main Street, AM ARBOB, - MICHIGAN. Friends of the Arjjus who have business In the Probate Office are asked to request Judge Newkirk to senil the advertlsing necessary to the probating of estates with which they are connected to the Argus office. LOCAL BREVITIES. There was an old woman who ahvays was tired, 8he lived in a house where no help was hired, Her last words on earth were, " Dear friends, I am going Where sweeping aln't done, nor churning, nor sewing; And everything there will be just to my wishes, For where they don't eat, there's no washing of dishes; And tbough there the anthems are constantly ringing, I, having no voice, will get out of the eingtng. Don't mourn for me now, don't mourn for me never, For I'm going to do nothing f orever and ever." - From an old Newspaper. The March term of the circuit oourt opens next; Mouday, March 1, with 75 oases on the docket. The Degree of Honor, No. 55, A. O. U. W., give a social and dance at A. O. U. W. lodge rooms this evening. Dr. and Mrs. Walter L. Moore are receiving the congratulations of their friends on the birth of a brigbt baby boy. The nationality tsocials at Trinity . Lutheran chnrch, Thursday and Friday of last week were well attended and pleasant events. The annnal meeting of the Charitable Union will be held on Thursday afternoon, March 4, at 3 o'clock in Harris hall. M. W. D'Ooge, secretary. The following new telephones have just been put in : Dr. D. D. Zimmerman, residence, 233, three rings; W. J. Booth, residenoe, 233, two rings. J. T. Jacobs Camp, No. 90, S. of V., bas rented for its own nse, the hall over Cutting, Reyer & Co. 's stores, formerly ocoupied by the I. O. O. F. Chris. Brenner bas again been appoiuted local agent of the Deering Harvester Co. Wm. Walsh will also hold down his old job as traveling agent for the same compay. The brick work on the addition at the lear of J. D. Ryan's block, corner S. Main and W. Washington sts. , is being pnshed rapidly forward by Koch Bros., the con tractors. H. G. Prettyman did the catering at the junior hop Friday night and Charles F. Stablei did the decorating. It is needless to say tbat both contracta were oompleted to "the queen's taste." There are twelve pensionéis left of the war of 1812. All of these have reached the age of 90, and two are of the age of 104. The government is going to advance their pensions from $12 to $30 a month. The 20 Anu Arbor people who attended the Maccabee party at Dexter Friday evening say it was one of tbe jolliest they ever were at. The mnsio of the Chequamegons was highly praised by all. Wm. H. Murray, formerly of Milan, a gradúate of the law department U. of M., has opened up an office for tbe praotice of law in Ann Arbor. He is located in the court house with the prosecuting attorney. Miss Clara A. Avery, of Detroit, who is very prominent in the art circles of that city, will deliver the next lecture in the Unity Club course, on Monday evening, March 1. Her subject will be, "Requisitos to the enjoyment of art." An exchange gives the following advioe: "Drink less - breathe inore; eat leg8 - ohew more; ride less - walk more ; clothe less - bathe more ; worry less - work more; waste less - give more; write less - read more; preach less - practioe more." Mrs. Bliza R. Sunderland read a paper Saturday afternoon before the Woman's Club of .Battle Creek, on "Life in Germany as I saw it. " Sunrlay inorning she preached in the Independent Congregational ohnrch, and in the evening gave an illustrated lecture in the same churoh on "Rome." Next Sunday evening there will be a song. service at the Unitarian ohurch. A fine musioal program will be rendered by the quartette, Mr. George, Mr. Dickie, Miss George and Mrs. Kempf, assisted by Miss Flora Koon and Miss Francés Taylor. Miss Marión Smith, organist. A short address will be giveu by Rev. A. G. Jennings, of Toledo, who exchanges pulpits with Mr. Sanderland. Hobart Guild will give its last recention bef ore Leut tomorrow eveuing iu Harris ball. At the receut meeting of the board of regents the comruittee on buildings and grounds was authorized to have a tiew boiler placed in the university hospital boiler house. City Clerk Mills bas been ordered to file with Representative A. J. Sawyer, at Lansing, a certifled oopy of the prooeedings of the oomman coauoil relacive to charter atneudments. Senator Campbell, of this district, in trodueed a bilí at Lansiug Tuesday to enable the city of Ann Arbor to boud itself for $100,000 for the erection of art galleries at the university. Col. J. E. Tyrrell bas appointed Dr. W. B. Watts, of Jaokson, chief surgeon of the First regiment, M. N. G., with the rank of major, and Dr. C. W. D. Colby, of Jackson, assistant surgeon. Mr. and Mrs. John Andres celebrated their wooden wedding anniversary at their home, 14 Cedar st, north side, on Tnesday evening. A party of about 20 of their f riends and neighbors weie present. A large number attended the oyster supper given by the ladies of the north side, for the benefit of the bnilding fund of the new church, on Monday. Tne neat snm of $25.45 was added to the treasury as the result. The lOth aauual conventiou of the Wasbtenaw Connty Sunday School Assooiation will be held in this oity Maroh 17 and 18. Every Sunday school in the county snould have suffioient interest in it to be repreaented. Representative Sawyer has a bilí in the legislature to have salaries of justioes of the peace fixed by statu te as follows: In townships from $10 to $300 per year; in villages frorn $23 to $500; in cities from $100 to $3,000. At the nippriug of the Modern Woodmen on Momliiy evening Enoch Sears, V. C. of tlie namp, was presented with a gold watun oharm of special design as a ruemento of his good servioes for tbe benefit of the camp and the order. The prize of $25 offered by Gov. Pingree to the law student who could find the most inoperative and dead letter laws in the compilation of Michigan statutes has been awarded to Theodore L. Jacobs, class of '98. He fouud 130. On Sunday morning, Marcb 7, the Modern Woodinen and Royal Neighbors vvill attend the Trinity Lutheran churoh n a body and listen to a sermón to be delivered by Rev. W. L. Tedrow, in honor of the second anniversary of the order in this city. The board of regents has decided that ;he requirements for admittance in the aw department shall be the same as those of the literary department, takng effect in 1900. Ultimately, it is expeoted tbere wijl be bnt one examinng board for all departments. The Wesleyan Guüd will at once be;in to receive benefits from the "Henry Martin Loud Lecturesbip" recently establisbed. Dr. John Potts, of Victoria college at Toronto will open the course Vlarch 14, and' Bishop Fowler will ecture April 4th. Dr. Townsend, of Washington, will aleo come later. - Courier. C F. Watkins, who pitched for the university baseball team last year, has Deen engaged by Manager Atkinson to coach the uine daring the coming season. "Watty" is back at the uuiversity to take the medical oourse. He is barred from playing on the team through haviug played with a professional team last summer. The wife of one Antonio Singer, of Howell, who was recently treated at the hospital for severe injuries to his spine, caused by falling off his wagon while drunk, has brought suit for $5,000 damages against F. R. Smock, a Howell saloonkeeper, and his bondsmen Wro. J. Miller and T. J. McKeever. Wm. Hurst, colored, was before Justice Pond, Tuesday, on a charge of petty larceny. He was senteuced to pay a fine of $3 and costs, which he agreed to do. Hurst committed the larceny last December and kipped to Canada to avoid arrest. He returned to Ann Arbor Monday and was at once ariested. The Agricultural college will ask tbe state for $11,000 this year, an iucrease of $1,000, so that an electric lighting plant may be built. The proceeds from the sale of the Agrionlcural college lands yield an annaal revenue of about $40,000. It gets $23,000 this year in oash from the goveromeut for general expenses, and $15,000 for experimenta. One day recently Rocco Desderide, of E. Ann st. , found a tarantola and a quautity cf eggs on a bnuoh of bananas. Thi spider was iu a torpid state and both it and the eggs were given to Dr. John Boylan. The eggs have no'w been hatched out and the doctor has a lively brood cf tarántulas on his hands. He intends to kill them in a few days. Tomorrow evening a whist contest will take place in the parlors of the American house, between eight ladies and eight gentlemen of Toledo and a like m mber of people from Ypsilanti. The Toledo people will oome here on the 4:30 p. m. train on the Ann Arbor road and will return home at 8 :35 p. m., the match being played between trains. Speaking of Prof. Llewellyn L. Renwick's recital at the M. E. church, Ypsilanti, last week, the Times says: "The organ recital at the Methodist church, given by Llewellyn Renwick, drew a fair sized crowd. He gave five numbers wbich were liberally applauded. Mr. Renwick was assisted by Miss Jennie Farnham and Miss Alta Beach, who each furnished a solo, and they were obliged to respon 3 to encores. Mr. Ross Spence also played a violin solo whioh was enthusiastioally reoeived and he and Mr. Renwiok appeared in a duat for violin and organ." Boro to Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Williams, Mouday nigbt, a baby girl. The lí)th anuual encampiaent of tbe departmeut oí Michigan, G. A. R , will be beld íd Greenville, April ? and 8. The next entertainment iu the Y. M. C. A. oourse will be a lectare by Jchn B. De Motte at the Presbyterian ohnrch, Tuesday, Maroh 30. Saturday evening of next week, March ü, the Comedy Club will present the play "The Private Secretary" at the Grand opera house. Mr. Fred C. Raab and Miss Lizzie Lee were married at the parsonage of Zion Lutheran church, Tuesday evenjng, by Rev. A. L. Nicklas. Arbor Tent, K. O. T. M., will visit Wolverine Tent, at Ypsilanti, Weduesday night. Tbe Ann Arbor degree team will work the iniciatory degree under the new ritual. Tbe circuit court docket for the Mareh term contains 78 cases, of which 21 are oriminal, 30 issues of fact, 2 imparlance, 10 chancery first class, 15 chancery fourth class. A reception will be held in the Schoul of Music tomorrow evenijig for the purpose of making the members of the choral union better aoquaiuted with eaoh other. All will be welcome. The probate judges of the state will have a meeting in Lansing tb,e seoond week of next month for the purpose of forminjj a state organization. Judge E. Wirt Newkirk will be o"ne of those present. The eleventh leoture in the Unitv Club course was that of Judge Harriman Monday evening, on "Goldsmith and his friends." It was fairly well attended and was a most admirable address. Ann Arbor Commandery, No. 13, K. T., is drilling every Tuesday night now, in anticipation of the annual visit of the grand eminent oommander, E. D. Wheeler, whicb takes place next month. The Anu Arbor Ligbt Infantry talks of giving a miliíary ball Easter Mouday, April 19, and bas appointed Capt. Granger and Lieuts. Armstrong and Walters a committee to oonsider the advisability of such a proceeding Next Wednpsday is Ash Wednosday, the beginning of the Lenten season. Easter Sunday falls on April 18. Services will be held on Wednesday in St. Andrew's Episcopal, St. Thomas' Catholic, Zion Lutberan, and Bethlehem Evangelical churcbes. In 1870 the property of the United States was valued, according to the census of tbat year, at $24,000,000,000 in gold. In 1890 that property had increased to 165,000,000,000, a gain of $41,000,000,000 in 20 years, or more than $2,000,000,000 a year. A oertain deputy sheriff of thia city attended the republican state oonveution in Detroit, Tuesday, and ate suoh a hearty diuner at a restaurant that the proprietor seriously thought abnut going into bankrnptcy after tbej3eputy bad got through with his meal. Tha Bnrns' anniversary entertainment to be given in University hall tbis evening, will be one of the fiuest concerts that has been given iu Ann Arbor in many a day. The low prioe of the. tickets, 25 cents, and the object for wbioh it is given, the womau's gym, should ensure a full house. Capt. Johnson, of the Salvation Army, says there is great need among oertain poor people in the city for artioles of clothing. If anyone has any partly worn out clothing to give away, and will let him know of it by letter or otberwise, he will cali and get it, or cali on Salyer's wagons as they pass your doors. The general defioiency bill as report ed to oongress from the appropriatious committee provides for the payment of the overtime claims of the loilowing YpsiJanti post office employees: William B Eddy, $199.10; Samuel H. Fletcher, $145.27; Walter L. Fuller, $145.27; William H. Scovill, $28.6B; William R. Sbier, $140.27. The U. of M. Male Quartet bas been secured to furnish the music at the Congregational chnrch next Sunday evening, aod a very ohoice program is assured. The quarters are as follows : "Gloria Patri," Taylor; "O Saving Victini," Goanod; "Come unto Me," Flemming; "Lead, Kindly Light," Buck; "Father, Hear Thy Children," Barnby. The sewer committee of the common council is iu session today at the couuoil room hearing the argumenta for and against the FroPs8d sewer in the Fourth ward. Although tbe sewer wou'.d rnn through one of the most tbickly populated sections of tbe oity and one wbich really most needs a sewer, it is said that about tbreefourths of the residents are opposed to it. H. J. Allmand has made a propositiou to the board of public works to furuish the city with all the suade trees it may need at $4 each. His offer seems to be a very fair one as he agrees to provide a load of black dirt fo each, i attend to the mnlohing and watering I for the seasou and to stand one-fourth of the loss by the trees dying. Tbe proposition has been referred to President Smith aud Aid. Burke. The Jubilee Singers from Fisk University, Nashviile, Tenn., are to visit Ann Arbor the coming week and sing at the CougregatioDal ehurch, on Wednesday night, March 3. There will be no admission fee and all are invited. The company are tbose who sang at the great jubilee anniversaiy of the 1 ican Missionary Association, at Boston ! last fall. Since that time they have snng through the-east and have gathered neary $10,000, which goes to extinguish the debt of the A. M. A. which is the agency for that most img,rtant work of uplifting the colored masses of the south. Schuier, the Toledo icernau, will put an ice wagon on the streets of Aun Arhor April 1, ice to be furnished froiu Zakey Lake. The Ladies' Aid Society ot' St. Addrew's churoh will give a1i experience Booial next Monday afteruoon, at Harris hall, at 3 o'clock. W. E. Howe, the well known contraotor, has purchased the grocery store ■and stock of Densmore Cramer, of W. Hurón st., acd has already taken possession. At a meeting of the stookholders of the School of Musio Building Assooiation, held last evening, the following directora were elected : J. D. Ryan, M. Seabolt, E. J. Brown, John V. Sheeban, H. Donglas, H. S. Dean, Ottmar Eberbach. The directora subeequently organized by electing J. D. Ryan, president; Moses Beabolt, vice president; H. Donglas, secretary ; Ottmar Eberbach, treaeurer. A represeutative of the Stath telephone compauy of Detroit, bas been canvassing the city recently in the hope of meeting suffioieot support to erect a competiug line. Jast what measuie of snccess he has met with has uot yet trauspired. It is said that thn rates of the pioposed new line would be $18 for reHidences and $24 for business houses, with a free line to Ypsilanti for subscribers and a 10 cent rate tn Detroit.