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Unauthentic Portraits Of Franklin

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It seems the height of absurdity to Look upon the so called "Sumuer Porfcrait of Franklin at Twenfy, " belonging to Harvard uuiversijy, as uu authentie portrait. Whure did Franklin, who was grnbbiiag for funds to carry hini home at the time this picture is supposed to have been pairited, get the money for the "pnrpleand fine lineu" in which he is arrayed, let alcue to pay the artist for hiswork? AsidefroinPiauk-lin'scircunistances being against its anthenticity, his "Antobiogi-aphy" is silent Tipon 30 important a subject as tliis portrait, and its history is purely luythical. Another picture that bas 110 better claim to be coysidered a likeness of Benamin PranJdin hangs in the Metropoli;aii Museum of Art and was painted by Stephen Elmer, an English still life lainter. There is uothing tt) Show that t was giveu the name of Franklin until 1824, when a píate engraved by Ryder and published in 178a, as "ThO Polifician, "was relettered aaid issned with he name of Franklin. The last picture to be mentioned in his expuxgatorial list is of the tost importance as a work of art. Itwas painted by Thomas Gaiïisborough and is in the collection of the Marquis of Landsdowne, but it is clearly not Benjamin Franklin. It is, in my opinión, the portrait of Governor William Franklin. -


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