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Two Classes Of Readers

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"Alxrat lö years ago readers used to be divided roughly iiito two classes - those who 'liked Dickens' and those who 'adored Thackeray,' " writes the oritio Droch in The Ladies' Home Journal. "Euch class used to view the other with more or less coutempt. Of the two the Thackeray people feit themselves considerably superior to the Dickens people. There were not so maoy of theru, for oiae thing, and that in itself gave fchem a feeling of exclusivenesa (something like the attitude assomed by Qeorge Meredith's adrnirersof the present day). But Thackeray 's complete works for $3.99 rapidly abolished the aristooracy. Artificial barriers do not loug couut for rauch with a great writer. "You uo doubt very soon found out that in certain moods there was nothiiig more satisfying to you than 'PendemiiH;, ' and at auother time the best novel that you ever read was 'David Copperfield. ' I have no doubt that in the long run deep in your heart you will eherish a flner affection for the oue than the other. That is a matter of temperament and your surroundings. The one you like best fits best into your life as you are making it. You will dijcover that a change of scène or occupation often brings you iuto sympathy with a writer whoni yon never before appreciated. A great sorrow will sometiines reveal G-eorge Eliot to you; a little journey íb England will show you new beauties in Trollope; a wave of war feeliug in Europe and people begin rereading Tolstoi's 'War and Peace. ' "


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