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Mrs. Fillmore's Claim

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Mrs. Catherine Fillmore has brought snit in the cbancery divisiĆ³n of the Wayne oircuit court for a mandamus to compel the Great Camp of the Maccabees to show canse wby her olaim against the order for the $2,000 policy held by her late busband, A. Fillmore, shonld not be paid. Mrs. Fillmore flrst sned the Arbor Tent, No. 296, K. O. T. M., and the oase was tried before Jndge Kiune, in the Washtenaw circnit oonrt. The jury awarded her a verdict tor the full amouut, but the supreine oourt reversed the judgment uf the lower conrt on a tecbnicality. Next, Mrs. Fillmore applied to the executive couamittee of the Maccabees for thepaynient of her claim and was refnsed. She then applied to the suprema conrt, whicb deoided that she should have taken an appeal to the Great Camp from the action of the executive committee. Mrs. Fillmore did so, but the Great Camp also refused to recognize her claim, She has uow commenced the present proceedings. The arguments were made before Judge Lillibridge by Prof. Thompson, of the University of Michigan, for Mrs. Fillmore, and De Vere Hall, of Bay City, for the Maccabees. The oourt allowed both sides 10 days in wbich to file briefs


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