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The Vendish Tongue In Germany

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Consul General de Kay writes for The Century a papejf on the yribian swamp Vendlaud tuider the títle nf "An Inland Vciiice. " Mr. de Kay says: These people speak Germán to ttíe lordinga as we pass Vendish to dur boatman, but the Vendish is disappearing because, for the sake of the arruy, its teaching is disconraged. Throughout all this district, far over iuto Saxony, only a few churches still offer sermons m the old tonguo. Yet if the Vendish tougue disappears the nainea of places will teil the tale, ■even a. sucli namcs in Brandenburg aml Saxony siill do Dresdeu, Leipsic, uro Vendish words - or cali thein Slavic, with tlic Ijroadcr term that ïiow meaus the race. And hereabont are Cottbus, Vetschau, Muschen, Brahmow, Babow, Dlugy, Raddnsh, Leipe, Lelide, Byhleguhre, Ktraupitz and Lubbeu. And the fliesses that wind or shoot straight in and out of forest and cleared fleldsretain Vendish names: Mïitniza, Blushnitza, Rogazo, Zschapigk, Polenzo, Groblitzo and Nabasatz. Eiïorts have been made to give Germán names to many of them, but country people everywhere are great holders te precedent, ánd the people who stick so tightly to their old costume are not going to give up their place names without a struggle.


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