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SACRED CONFIDENCE. No Woman's Letter Publishec Escept by BequestMrg. Pinkhani's Tender Relations With the Suöering of Her Sex- Women Who Cannot Hide Their Happineas. There is a class of women who, from their own experience, sympathize with their suffering1 sisters, and in order hat sueh suffering v may be lessened, no CA"áS bly put aside false Jz. i modesty and in f%, heartfelt gratitude L_ fe the world R T N_ woman y (iL S. yL facts in her H Jjiv case, HA r In [ ( wise it would ïSJ ij )) ) not be done, as if all sueh evidence is treated in sacred confidence, unless publieation is requested by the writer. She says to Mrs. Pinkham : - " I. wish you would publish the circumstances of my case, in order that other women may be benefited by my experience. " I doctored nearly all the time for two years. I spent screral hundred dollars without reeeiving much benefit. Last June I wrote to you and described all iny aches and pains. Sueh a long list as there was : headache, backache, bearing-down pains, terrible soreness, constipation, dizziness, feeling of extreme lassitude, irregularity and nausea ; but you answered my letter and told me just what to do. I followed your advice. " After taking eight bottles of the Vegetable Compound and three bottles of Blood Purifier, I am glad to write you that I have not enjoyed sueh good health for years, and I am able to do all my own work. I can surely sound the praises of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Componnd, and a number of my friends are taking it upon my recommendation.'' - Mes. W. L. Elliott. Liseomb. Iowa.


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