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Iu the bird store at 40 SixMi avenue, New York, therc is a tiny bird, a can siskin, that has to work for its livng. It is a very intelligent bird, and it seems to be fond of hard labor. One thing is very pleasant about the tvork the bird does, and that is that it eau never get hungry while performing it The work, indeed, consists of eating and drinking. VVhen the siskin wants to drink, he cannot reach the water holder like any other caged bird. Ho has to draw water from a well by means of a tiny oaken bucket, and then, planting his feet upon the slack of the bucket cord, he bolds the bueket in place sothat he eau drink. And when he wants to get at the Beeds â– which are honsed temptingly in a little wagon outside of his cage, the siskin has learned to pull the wagon up an inclined plaue to the bars of his oage. He keepa his feet on the cord until he has had his fill, and then he allows the wagou to roll baok to its placo out of hisreach. -


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