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The writer again bas been importuned persoually and by letter to say a word of protest against the excessrvé use in public places of the sachet. Many people do uot mind tlus etifling'fragranoe. Others, however, are most sensitiva to the effect of these sachet pmvdem hidden away iu the muffs, bats, vraps, collarettes, etc, "vorn at public eiitertaimiH nts. the theater espeöially. One littledaiutysaehetisahiiost as delicately scemed as olie little biineli of violet. but pouuds of this potmt powdér, scattered anioug huudn !s of people in au overlieateil. uiten ill veutilated mterior, soou reuder the itmosplx. re ahnost uubearable. It was well known in Paris that the late M Worth could uot endure the faiutest lireath of perfnme and that he anuounced the fact very positively to lus fair patrons. Delicate odors like violet, the old fashioncd luveuder. leuion verbena, the geuuiue extract of rose leaves. etc, have their cliarin to mosi people, but the dense, dull distillatioiis froiu scores of different overpowerful perfumes are botli unpleasant and


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