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$3.25 IPOIR $1.75. Every reader should know and onderstand ths extraoidinary olïer. S It means money in their pockets. C The Farmer is Interested ! ) The Gardener is interested ! ) The Housewife is Interested ! The Flower Grower is Interested ! WHY? We have arrsnged with the world-renowned seedsmen, JAMES S AICK'S SONS, lloehester, N. Y., to furnish their celebrated seeda C and Vick's IUustrated Monthly Magazine one year, whieh will be given to each new yeaily subscriber of the Ann Arbor Argus, upon j ( receipt of only $1.75 cash. C ? OUR OFFER IS THIS : ) VEGETABLES. FLOWERS. } lpkt. Beet. lmp EarlyBlood Turnip 5e 1 ?." L#? i % - Oabbage.! Early Summer 5e .. mcotiana Bo ƒ ■ msrësm :: ggsiS?? ín - Onion. Dii.i vers Vellow Globe 60 .. Í1 'V'f'"88 ?c ' Peas, Charmer 10c _ BcaMosa ie S " Pui-snip, llollow Crown.. Bc ,„„,,,„ i?-_,__. r.c J " Hadish.Wench Breuk f ast.... 5c JOpkts. Mowei-s... ,5c " sömn,?Jtant'mii" I 5e VICk' IllWtratedMÖnthiy Magazine one ? ( bquasli, hnmmer ,e year Th(,,lzine ,,.ls b,,en ?reatíy Q " Salifv(VpSetahle ÖvRtprfi'l"" ir improved for 1897, and is up to date on ■ Ton,il5('üm.l tod" fio aU mattere pertalDingto Flowers. Vejce Tu?,' strau 1 .f i"-d To v Plant-S' '-i. Roses, LawDs, lurmp, atrap-L,ur Iteq-xop, ac Cardens, l'lunts in tbe house, êtc, Thè S kta. Vegetable koo íai"!?. te. v C I THINKOFIT! ALL THIS ! S 18 Packets Vegetable Seeds as namcil $1.OO 1 0 Packets Flower Seeds as nameU 75 S Vick's Illustrated Monthly Magazine, one year 5O N The Ann Arbor Argus, ia weeks, l.OO ( $3.25 for Only $1.75 Cash. $-25 Now is the time. Send your order at once to THE 1RQU5 OrriCE,) ANN ARBOR, MICH. S


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