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Ex-Gov. Rinb is a candidato for place at...

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Ex-Gov. Rinb is a candidato for place at Washington. Senator Bnrrows stands in his way. The Kalamazoo conncil has been trying ttie marshal of that city becanse tbe salooii soreens were fonnd closed and a wbeel of fortune allowed to be rnn. The A. P. A. 's are trying to get exCongressman Linton, of this state, their candidate for the republioan nomination for president, appointed chief of the burean of printing and engrav'ng. This is a ticklish appointment for the administration to make. "Don 't expeot prosperity to come back with a jump," says the Chicago Times-Herald "We won't," says the Kansas City Times. "If she enters with a glide; if she moseys in on one leg ; nay, if she even sashays f orward on her anrcingle, or waltzes gently for■ward on her ears, we'll welcome her and brush the dust off the best seat in the house for hor to sit in. It doesn't make one bit of difference how she comes, bat the whenness of her coming is a matter of much interest." At the village elections held on Monday of this week in Michigan, the democrats had tbe best of it where par. ty lines were drawn. In most of the villages citizen tickets were rnn and no party nominations weie made. The democrats elected their tickets in Allegan, Bnchanan, Concord, Davison, Fowlerville, Essexville, Hartford, Otsego, Paw Paw, Shepherd, Vassar, Williamston and Zeeland. They reduced the repnblican majority of 200 in St. Johns last spring to the vanisbing point, eleoting half their ticket and got part of the offices in Frankfort, Becatur and Shepherd. The republicans were snccessfnl in Alma, Bad Axe, Carsonville, Chesaning, Jonesville, Milford, Perry, Sooth Haven and Union City. In other worfls the democrats won in twelve villages, tbe lepnblicans in nine and the results in four were mixed. Capt. Manly, undismayed by the fact that the committee he himself appointed, went back on him in regard to the charter amendments, and that the committee appo:nted by a second meeting he called, agreed wben they met the committee of the aldermen and business men that no changes were necessary, has called a third meeting for this evening at the court liouse, to bolster up his falling cause. The captain is a redoubtable flghter who doesn't know when he is beaten. As a matter of fact the changes desired by the captain are against the interests ;of the taxpayers. It can be clearly shown that money has been wasted in this city in defiance of the charter, it is proposed to allow the waste to continue with the approbation of the charter, for the taxpayers are waking up and would enjoin further violations of the charter. It is proposed to practically abolish the board of public works on the ground that it is an expensive body, when the truth is that it can ody spend the money the council orders it to spend, excepting in sums of $25. Il' anyone thinks the old council system of street work is the best let them drive from one end of South Uuiversity avenue to the other and consider the Jarge sum of money spent in spoiling a stfeet. The road roller and stone crusher was bought in defiance of the charter and $10,000 was spent on Détroit street in violation of the charter, part of it being washed away this week. It is because the charter stands in the way of making these things legal and allowing them to go on indefiniteiy that an effort is being made to change it. The changes desired in the treasurer's office might be desirable if the captain were to remain treasurer, but a new treasurer might not desire aD alteration of the old system, but this is not the point which is really aimed at by the proposed amend' ments.


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