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New Books At The Ladies' Library

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1. Italy in the 19th Century. Miss Latimor. 2. A Little Book of Western Verse. Eugene Field. 3. Les Miserables. Víctor Hngo. ■i. On Tbe Crest cf the Wave. Mrs. Shule. 5. Seven Seas. Kipling. ï. Life's Handicap. Kipling. 7. A Moral Idea. Jane Wedgewood. 8. Qdo Vadis. Heneyk Lienkiewitz. 9. Fire and Sword. Hensyk Lieukiewitz. 10. Pau Mïchao. 11. A ftomeny of the . Gilbert Parker. 12. Sentimental Tommy. 13. Margaret Ogilvie. Barrie. 14. The Wrecker. Robert Louis Stevenson. 15. Princess Aileeu. Richard Harding Davis. 16. Marm Lisa. Kate Douglas Wiggin. 17. Little Lord Fauntleroy. Bnrnett. Tbe following books have been presented to the.library: Science and Health, by Mary E. C. Eddy; Bilderbnch ohne Bilder, by Anderson ; This Goodly Frpme the Eartn, by Tiffany. Any pereon, whether a meuiber of the library or not, can have tbe privilege of taking out a book on the payment of five cents a week.


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