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Story Of "a Divorce Cure."

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The story of "A Divorce Cure, " the sointillant new comedy in wbich dainty Emily Baooker and the great cast will be seen at the Grand opera house, is bighly entertaining througbout and continuonsly mirtb-provoking. JMi. Alexander Cissom, cosmopolite, six and forty, polished, of qmet tastes and pronouneed literary predeliction, and more passionately fond of bis pretty yonng bride than eveu he hirnself believes, having settled down to the bnmdruru of married life, bas permitted himself to beoome engrossed in tbe prosey oocupation of writirtg a novel. While thns absorbed he noconscionsly becomesi indifferent and negleotful towards his yonthfnl wife. Mrs. Alexander Cissom, a spirited young wotnan of twenty, sensitive and gay in temperament, and in love with her handsome hnsband, íesents his inattention. Seeking solace for ber wounded pride, she allows the Vicomte de Millemorts - fledgling, impulsive and impressionable, - au intimate friend of the oouple, to fall in love with her np to bis ears. Theirs is a chaste union of sonls, as they convince tbemselves. Honor, snperinduced by conscience, prompts the Vicomte finally to declare his intention of avowing his affection for Mrs. Cissom openly to her husband and demanding a divorce in order that tbey may wed. Mr. Cissom, having awakened to the situation, anticipates tbe Vicomte's cali by walking in upon the scène as tbe young wife is giviny tbe adorer a flrst kiss. A man of infinite tact, tbe husbaud treats the incident lightly and with apparent indifference. He coolly proposes to fall iu with their plan as to the divorce, provided tbat he shall be convincod that bis wife no longer cares for him. Tbe proposition that be snbinits is tbat tbe young coaple shall enjoy each other's compaDy witb the fullest freedom for cbe period of six months, at the expiratiou of whicb, in the event tbat their affection for each otber bas nut dissipated, a sepatation by divorce law is to be arranged. This being agreed upon, Mr. Cissom starts in to retrieve tbe place in his wife's heart whicb the Vicomte bas usurped. Through plot and counterpiot the wily veteran finds his way back to his pretty bride's beart, tbe blasé young gallant proving no match for him in the game in whioh a woman's love is the stake. It is a merry ccntest and numerous funny cbaracters figure in it. The snppurting company is very strong. At tbe Grand opera house tomorrow eveninsr.


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