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AND WHYA SHORT STORY. WHO . . F DOES YOUR PRINTING ? Business Cards, Note Heads, Letter Heads, Envelopes, Bill Heads, Statements, Notice Cards, Pamphlets and Books. WHY ; ., CAN'T WE DO IT ? With our Fine Presses, New Type and Borders, First-class Printers, Prompt Attention, Fair Prices and Honest Work. WHO . . PRINTS YOUR POSTERS ? Hand Bills, Dodgers, Circulars, Advertising Cards. WHY . . CAN'T WE DO IT ? With Our New Poster and Dodger Type and Reputation for Setting the Best Posters in the City. t WHO . . N PRINTS YOUR PROGRAMMES ? Announcements, Menu Cards, Calendars, Blotters. WHY . . CAN'T WE DO IT ? With Our Pretty Type, Elegant Paper Stock and Good Press Work. WHO . . " WILL DO YOUR WORK? And do it to your entire satisfaction. WHY . . CAN'T WE DO IT ? Have you tried us since we have fitted up Our office to do the neatest and most stylish work 9 WHO IS THERE OF YOU ? That has not time to come and see us. WHY. . CAN'T WE SEND ? Our city salesman around to have a little talk with you ? If you will just send us a postal card or telephone No. 13, he will be there. WHO KNOWS But we may serve you to mutual , advantage and} WHY . . Will you not give us a trial ? We request your kind consideration. ,BEAKES & niNQAY.) Opera House Block, = Ann Arbor, Mich.


Ann Arbor Argus
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