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Fighting In Crete

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Canea, Maren s. - rnere was renewea fightinsc Monday night between the Turkish troops and the Cretan insurgents :iround the camp of the latter on the luights of Akroturi, near here, the posilion which was bombarded by the wairhips of the powers on Feb. 21. The feFult of the engagement is not known, but the Greek flag is no longer visil.le above the insurgents' position. The tighting between the insurgents and the Turks commenced again at 2 o'clock Tuesday morning and continúes all along the line. Communication by road with Suda bay is cut off. In addition to ordering the Greek vice consul to leave the island, Admiral Canevtro, the Ifalian officer who, by reason of seniority, is in eommand of the combined forces' fleet, has ordered the Greek newspaper correspondents and all the other Greeks to leave Crete immediately. A Turkish transport with civil officials and troops has arrived here with Bmallpox on board. Greeks May Attack Canea. An attack by the Greek torpedo boat upon the town was expected. The foreign warships extinguished their lights and prepared for action. The hours, bowever, passed off quietly in Canea, though there was an affair of outposts at Platania. Any hostile action from the land pide will be met with energetic resistance of Greek warships, which still lie at anchor off this port. The road to Suda is being strongly guarded in consequence of the menacing attitude of the insurgents. The foreign garrisons oocupying Canea have been reinforced. Owing to the unfavorable weather the landing at Selino of 550 foreign marines with four guns has only just been carried out. The foreign admiráis have notified the Greek vice consul that he must leave Crete.


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