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STOP1T NOW ! !: i Stop It Quicklj, Just the Same as Did Mr. Charles H. Hoffman, of 132 Ten Eyck Street, Jackson. ; If you have a pain in your back, stop it' A lame back, stop it! An aching back, ■ stop it ! Do you want to know how ? Let us teil you ! In the first place, never try to rid yourself of pain without knowing the cause. If pain or ache exist there is reason for it. Find out this reason and get after it. Strike cause a stiff blow with the right weapon, and its allies, pain and ache, will flee like chaff before the wind. To get right down to it, : che is indicative of kidney disorders, a epy placed thero by nature ; listen to his warnings and take up the weapon, strike before disease is reinforced with allies that can not be routed by hand of man, euch as Bright's disease. Let us introduce ; to you this weapon! Let us prove its superiority to all others! Here is a blow it struck : Mr. Charles II. Hoffraan is a fireman on the M. C, R It., and resides at 132 Ten Eyck Street, Jackson, Mich. He says: " I have suffered for a long linie from a kidney and bladder disorder which lias at times rendered me incapable of work; have been at the hospital for my complaint and discharged from there as cured, but the old complaint has invariably come back again. Some time ago I heard of Doan's Kidney Pilis, and I began taking (hem, with most gratifying results. U-rinary complaints which bóthered me greatly are very much improved, and the pain 1 suffered in my back has entirely Uit me, my general condition is much improvëd. I would not like to he without Boans Kidney Pilis, I think others should know what a valuable re.nedy it is." For sale by all dealers, price 50 cents. Mailed by Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo X. Y. , sole agents for the U. S. Remera'ier the name, Doan's, and take no other Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT HA VING BEEN MADE IN THE conditionsof a certaln mortgagL made by Nettie C. W(se to the Anti Arbor ëavlngs Association, dated July 22, A. D. 181)5, and reeorded in the office of the Register of Deeds, for the County of Washtenaw and State of Michigan, on the lOth day of August, A. ü. 1895, in Líber 78 of Mortgages on page 162, on which mortgage there is claimed'to be due at the data of this notice the sum of fourteen hundred and ninety-seven dollars aad h'fteen cents, and an attorney's fee of twenty flve dollars provided for in said mortgage, and no suit or proeeedings ai law having been instituted to recover the moneys secured by said mortgage or any part thereof. Now, theret'ore, by yirtue of the power of ssale contained in said mortgage aüd the statute in such case made and provided, notice ishereby given that on Saturday, the 24thday of April, A. D. 1897, at ten q'clock in the forenoon, I shall Bell at public auction, to the highest bidder, at che east door of tne Court House, in the City of Ann Arbor, that beinir the place where the Circuit Court for Washtenaw Oounty is holden,) the premises described in said mortgage or so mueb thereof as may be neeessary to pay the amount due on said mortgage. with seven percent, interest, and all legal costs, together with an attorney's fee of twentyliye dollars convenanted for therein, the premises described in said mortgage as all that eer tai n lot, piece and paree! of land sitúate in the City of Ann Arbor. in the County of Washtenaw and State of Michigan, and known and described a follows; The east twenty-eight (28) teet of lot number three (S) and the west twenty-two (22) feet of lot number tour (II, in block number twenty-four (24) in ■Ormsby & Page addltion to said city, according to the reeorded piar ther of ANN ARBOR SAVINGS ASSOCIATION. C H. Kr.iNE, Mortgagèe Attornev for mortgagèe. Dated, January 27, 1897. Commissioner's Notice. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTT of Washlenaw. The undersigned having Tbeen appointed by the Probate Court for said Oounty, conimissioners to receive, examine ancí adjust all claims and üemands of all persons against theest-aie oí Flemioíg líusenbark, late of said county, deceased, hereliy give uotice that ix uionths from date are allowed by order of said Probate Court, lor creditoreto present their claims againstthe eytate of said rteceased. and tbat they will meet at the late residencc of eaitl deceased, in Towi'ship ol'Auu Arhor, in suld county, on Friday, thé lt',th dayot' April. 1S07, and on Fridoy the liitb uay of July, A. D. ]S 7, next, at ten o'cloek a. m. ot caeh of said days to receive, exAinine and adjust said claims. Dated Aun Arbnr. January 16th, 1897. john o'haka. fkancis pakker, 'Oiiimiwioner . Estáte of Jacob Kern. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY OF Washtenaw, ss. Ata session of the Probate Court lor the Oounty of Washtenaw, holden at. the Probate Olltee in the Citv of Ann Arboiyon Monday. the lütlt day of February, in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven. Present, H. Wirt Newkirk, Judsre of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Jacob Kern, ieceased. Frederiek J. Kern, the exeeutor ot' the Jast will and testament of said deceased, omes into court and represente that he is now prepared to render his tinal account as such exeeutor. Thereupon it is ordered tbat 8aturday, the 13th day of Mitrch next, at 10 o'clook jn the forenoon, be assigned for 'examining and allowing sueh account, and that the devisees, legatees and heij's at law of said deceased and all other persons interested in said estáte, are required to appear at a session of said Court, then to be holden at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, In said County, and show cause if any there be, why the said account should uot be allowed. And it is further ordered that said exeeutor give notice to the persons interested in said estáte, of the pendency f said account, and the hearing thereof, by causing a copy of this order to be published in the Ann Arbor 'Argus, a newspaper printed aridcireulatini? in said eounty, three uccessive weeks previous to said day of hearing. H. WIRT NEWKIRK, Judgeof Probate. A true copy.l P. .). Lehman Probate Register. Estáte of Jacob Hoffstetter. STATE OP MICHIGAN, COÜNTT of At a session oí tbe Probate ■Court for the Oounty of Washtenttw.hoiuen at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor. on Thursrtay, the 41 h day of Jlareh, in the year one thovisand eitrht hundred and ninety-seven. Present, H. Wirt Newkirk, Judgeof Probate In the matter of the estáte of Jacob Hoffstetter, deceased. Geruude Hoffstetter. the admimstratrix with the will aunexed of Biid estáte comes into court -and represent that she is now preparid to render herünal account, 8 such udmloistiatrix. Thereupon it is ordered, ihat Saturday the 27th day of March next, at ten o'cloek In the frenoon. be asaieued lor examinini; and allowing Biich account, and thal tbe heirs at law of said deceased, and all oiher pernous interested in said esute, are required to appear at aession of said court tht-n to be bolden at the Probate omce in the city of Ann Arbor, and show cause, if any there be, why the said oeeaunt should not be allowed: And it is iurt.hei ordered that aaid administratrix give notice to the petgons interested in said estáte of the pendency ol said account, and the hearing thereof, oy ausinij a copy of this order to be publisbed in the Ann Akbor Argüs, a newspaper printed and irculated in said county, three successive weeke previous to said day of himring. H. WIKT NEWKTRK, [A true copy.] Judgeof Probate. V. J. LEHMAN. Probate Register IJ1 In 48 hours Gonorrhoea yil msM iind discharxea trom "'e Al '■fl lirinnry nriüiii.4 nrrcsH'il I flBinY II H hy -untal Iidv ( iipwiiUn, IIU"' l B without inconvenience. .1


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