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Meeting Of Cabinet

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Washington, Maren 9.- President McKinley and hls cabinet held their first formal meeting at 11 o'clock Tuesday. As a rule cabinet day has been one reserved for the business before the president and his advisers. r.ot cnly as against the general pubüc. but also senators and ïr.embers. Tuesday, however, ihere was "the usual early rush of prominent men, many of whom were received by the president. The cabinet offieers began to arrive shortly before 11 o'cioek. Most of them drove from their respective departments, as a drizzling rain was falling. Seeretary of Agriculture Wilson was the flrst one on hand, followed soon afterward by Secretay Long. When Seeretary Gag'e arrived he did not go direct to the oabinet room, but mingled with the crowd in the lobby. Then eame Postmaster General Gary, Seeretary Alger, Attorney General MoKenna, and finally Seeretary Sherman. The atter dfove over from the state department. He earried in his hand a small bundie of papers. Seeretary miss Absent. Seeretary Bliss, the "remaining member of the oabinet, did not attend, being absent in New York. At 11:05 President McKinley left his offiee and joined his advisers in thf eabinet room. Then carne a lull of comparative quiet in the mansión, for official callers could not see the president, and the general crowd was told that the president would reeeive them at 3 o'cioek. In view oí the letter of Ex-Queen Liliuokalanl there was considerable eomment as to a possible visit from the ex-cfuöen. It was st&tPd that the customary rules and courtesies obseived towanl private callers would be observed in this ease as in all others without any special arrangement?-. So word had been received up to the time of the eabinet meeting as to Julio Sanguilly, the Cuban, who, it was said, would eall on the president and present phases of the Cuban question. Meeting Laatècl an lïour, The eabinet meeting lasted just a,n hour. Secretarles Sherman, Gage, and Alger were the first to leaye, and Mr. Gary came from tne eabinet room afterwards. #The attorney general, seeretary of the navy and seeretary of agriculture remained some time loriger. Huge bundie? of aplpieations for office were sent from the White House Tuesday to the various departments. They oomprised some 10.000 applieations received at Cantón by Seeretary Boy Ie. He had been hard at work on them in advanee insiead of walting Tor the deluge of applieations ndw coming With theso 10.000 disposed of the officials were able for the first Urne to get abivast of the neoming mail. A rough estímate by Mr. Boyle. who i? in charge of the eerrespondence, is that S8.0ÜÜ letters have been handled within reeent months! Talked and Smoked. Attorney General MeKenna and Seeretary remained for half an hour. The talk was informal, however, the president and his associates enjoying cigars and chatting over old days in the house of representatives. It was stated that no questions of importance came before the eabinet meeting, the remark being made that fortunately affairs as to Cuba and Hawaii were unusually quiet at present. The attorney general was the last to leave. It is understood that the appointment of the assisant attorney generáis will reeeive early attention. At 2:30 Senator Mark Hanna called at the White House and was shown at unce to the president's office.


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