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Naval Officers To Be Changed

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Washington, March 9.- Secretary of the Ñavy Iong ha already given considerable attention to several changes in station of naval officers high in rank. The chief of the bureau of navigation of tlie navy department is Rear Admiral F. M. Ramsay. but as that officer muít retire on account of age April 6. nis successor must be decided upon within the next few week?. The office is en? of the mpst important within the gift of the seeretary, because its incumbent is frequently callecl upon to perform the duties of the acting secretary in the absence of the secretary and assistant secretary. Besides, he has much to do with matters affecting officers and men. Three offlcers- Captain Albert Kautz, Captain R. D. Evans and Captain H. C. Taylor- have been suggested for the place. As Commodore J. N. Miller and the new secretary are personal friends. the belief prevails that Mr. Long may ask him to be Admiral Ramsay's succeasor. Commodore Miller will be promoted upon Rear Admiral Walker's retirement on the 20th inst. His special ambition, however, it is said, is to become ftag offlcer of the north Atlantic squadron when Admiral Bunce'a tour of rïuty expires in June, and it is generally believed that il' he asks Secretary Long to give hiin this assignment he Vr" i 1 1 ge it. Admira] Walker'? retirement on the 20th insi. will créate .1 vacancy in the office of chairman of the Hghthouse board. On account of the high rank of army ofh'cers who are members of the board, it has been custoir.ary to assign a naval officer of highest rank to fill the position. The only rear admiral available for the position is Admiral Beardslee, commanding the Pacific station, whose tour cf sea duty has long since expired. His detachment %vi!l leave a vacancy which will probably be filled by Commodore George Devvey. Secretary Tong will make changes in several ship commands shortly, and will also make assignments of offlcers to command the gunhoats and torpedo boats that will ?oon be ready fcr government acceptance.


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