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The Popular Esthetics Of Color

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While blue is pre-emiuently and oversvhelmingly the masculine favorite, it is by 110 nieans so general .1 feininine 'avorite. The favorite wonian's color, standing at tho head of the female list, is red. Roughly speaking, of every 30 masculino votes 10 would be for blue ind 3 for red, while of every 30 femiaine votes 4 would be for blue and 5 for red. Red and blue are thus much more aeaxly equally popular among women fchan among men. Other relatively mtarked maseuline preferences are for the colors related to blue (blue Violet aSid violet), and other feminine preferauces are for lighter red (or pink) and, to n lesa extent, for green and yellow. Further, men confine their selections to relatively fewer eolors than do women, and, finally, while all men and women alike are much more apt to choose a normal than a transitional color and a darker than a lighter shade, yet the tendency to do so (abont the same in the former direction) is markedly different in the latter respect. Of 12 men 10 would choose among the darker colors and only 2 among the lighter for the most pleasing color, while of 12 women 7 would choose among the darker and 5 among the lighter shades. - Professor Jastrow in Popular Science Monthly. The fern has a most peculiar and original arrangement of its seeds, these being disposed in regular order on tha backs of the leaves.


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