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Sawyer A Ladies' Favorite

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The Detroit Pree Press, io speaking of the presence of the ladies at sessions of the legislature, says: "Auy afternoon one may see all around the edges oí the ohatnbers a fringe of dignified matrona and pretty young women, while here and tbere they are scattered among the seats, when a vacant chair next to husband or father gi ves the fair one a chance to sit close. A favorite spot for the ladies seems to be the corner immediately bebind the seat of Kepresentatives Sawyer, of Ann Arbor, aud Peek, of Jaokson. Mr. Sawyer is still a happy yonth of about 50. He is stont aud witty, and dances with all the grace of a yonth of 20 when he repairs to the balls of the Knights of Pythias in Lansiug, The ladies like him, and he shows his appreciaitan ot tbeir siuiles by occasionally distributing eandy for the delectation of bis faitbful visitors. Tbe little nook behind Sawyer has grown to be dubbed 'bonnet corner. ' "


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