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Real Estate Transfers

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Juhn J. Mayer aud wife to Charles VV. Sandford, Manchester, $274. Edward D. Kinue and wife to Williain M. Baumgartner, Scio, $3,000. Anüa Mamie to Mary Becker, Dexter, 450. Edward Pardon, jr., and wife to Edward Pardon, sr., Ann Arbor, $2,500. Prederiok Staeb and wife to Samuel Heusel, Ann Arbor, $200. Chas. A. Sessions and wife to Mary C. Sessions, Northfield, $1,072. Catherine A. Benuett to Enima A. Mooie, Augusta, $300. A. VV. Hamilton aud wife to Carrie ftose, Anu Arbor, $1. George Nissly, by administrator, to George J. Nissly, Saline, $6,400. George J. Nissly and wife to John C. Marión aud wife, Saline, $6,400. Julia M. Curtis to James Kettleton, Scio, $15. David A. Post and wife to Adeline Jones, Ypsilanti, $150. Jaoob Laubengayer, by exeoutor, to Christian J. Kuebler, Freedum, 400. State of Michigan to James Howlett, Freedom, f120. Joseph Ii. Rose et al. to Christine Rentschler, Ann Arbor, $1. James L. Baboock and wife to George Steinbach, Lima, $2,000. Catberine Steinbaob, by heirs, to Lewis C. Mayer, Lima, $5,500. Charles H. Kempf and wife to John Leicht, Lima, $3,600. Martin Traub and wife to C. P. Kapp, Mauchester, $374. John P. Wallace and wife to John Staib, Bridgewater, $5,350. Joseph Ussler and wife to August Srook and wife, Augusta, $1,800. Flora A. Seyler to Julia E. Krapf, Ann Arbor, $1,500. Chiistian Scblenker and wife to Williauj M. Stnrgeon, Ann Arbor, $106. Johu P. Smith and wife to Catherine Smith, Anu Arbor, $500. Margaretha Diehl to George A. Weidelich, Ann Arbor, $300. James F. Godfrey aud wife to Jacob Brilliüger, Ypsilanti, $100. Arthur Brown and wife to E. D. Brooks et al., Aun Arbor, $5,000. James Kearns and wife to E'mer L. Brown, Ypsilanti, $350. Antón Armbruster et al. to Henry Rodolph et ál., Scio, $1. Ypsilanti Real Estáte Co. to Wm. Norton and wife, Ypsilanti, $1,000. Catberine Caspary to Mary P. Tibbals, Ann Arbor, $1. Margaret J. Paoey, by sheriff, to John S. Paoey, Scio, f900. Alice Barnes to Robert G. Barnes and wife, Ann Arbor, $800. Henry R. Watson, by heirs, to Vira Binder, Saline, fl,000. Paulina Wiedemann to Victor E. Wiedemaun et al., Nortbfield, $1. Auditor General to Alice L. Sherwood, Ypsilanti, $7.67. Mary A. MoMonagle et al., by sheriff, to Theo. J. DeForest, Ann Arbor, $442.37. George Stevenson and wife, by sheriff, to Josephine A. Drury, Ypsilanti, f63.15. Hannah C. Vorse to John Fosdick, Ypsilanti, f35. Snsan B. and Henry M. Abbey to George W. and Miriam P. Sandfirson, Augusta, $641. Aruy E. .Iones to Sarah A. Frary, Ypsilauti, $3,000. Edward E. Thomas to Lodge No. 4, Good Samaritans, Ypsilanti, $250. Charles L. Wil beek to Eddy H. Hovey, Ypsilanti, $1. Edward H. Hunt and wife to Arthur 3rowu, Ann Arbor, $4,500. Mary A. Palmer et al. to Lemuel Goldsmitb, York, $20. Herbert W. Smith and wife to William Tait, Superior, f50. Jacob Kalmbach to Lorenzo D. Grose, Ann Arbor, $12ü. Lawrence M. Duggan to Anthony C. Duggan, Augusta, $850. Hugh Sherry to Isabella E. Sherry, Chelsea, f 1. Emma B. and J. E. Ricketts to Matilda L. Perrine, Ann Arbor, f250. Teresa and Wm. Kearns to Richard Kearns, Ann Arbor, $140. Mary Agnes Kearns, by guardián, to Richard Kearns, Ann Arbor, f325. Wm. S. Maynard, by administrator, to Martin Laing, Ann Arbor, $200. Wm. S. Maynard and wife to Maitin Laing, sr., Ann Arbor, $190. Wm. S. Maynard to Martin Laing, Ann Arbor, $125. James Schiappacasse and wife to Charles F. Lutz, Ann Arbor, 11,400.


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