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Where Golf Resembles War

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"Á grand joke developed itself not loiig ago, ' ' says a Monte Video correspondent. "A native papei pnblished alarmiug paragraphs to the effect that the British war vessels were making soundings and taking snrveys and effeeting other highly suspicious operations near Maldonado and that they liad landed au armed forcewith instruinents and terrible unkuown engiues. "The govemmeut waswarned to prepare for au invasión or at the very least a second Trinidad aft'air. These revelations were apparently con 'vniod by a telegram frorn a newspaper Correspondent in Maldonado, who said that he himself had seen 'those dreadful Euglish' at their tricks. "Bef ore such a denunciation the au - thorities could uot reniain silent, and accordingly an official .telegram was sent to the captain of the port at Maldonado for information. His reply was to the following effect: ' ' 'It is not true that the English have been making plans of tbe port or measnring lands at Punta del Este. Whiit they have done is to mark out a course for an English gaine that they played here bef ore and whichis called 'golf.' "


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