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$3.25 IFOIR Spi.7-5. Every reader sbould know and understand this extraordinary offer. S It means money in their pockets. C The Farmer is Interested ! ) The Gardener is interested! L The Housewife is Interested ! The Flower Grower is ïnterested ! ? WHY? f We have arrauged with tlip world-renowned seedsmen, JAMES S Y'ICK'S SONS, Itochester, N. Y., to furnish their celebrated seeds C f and Vick's Illustrated Monthly Magazine one year. whioh will be given to each newyeaily subscriber of the Aun Arbor Argus, upon receipt of only $1.75 eash. C , OUR OFFER IS THIS : ► VEGETABLES. FLOWERS. ipkt. Boet, Imp, EarlyBloodTm-nip Sc l ?.kt" tSS? pir: % ) " c"yF;ume L " KaS"!1:::::::::::::::::::::: i5o S ■ Cucunberiy WWteTpine " ?}?l Kutto " Musk Melon, 5c .. '"Vl 'l--:- - ' Onion, Dan vers Yellow Globe 6c ., L .'' ,'r'", 2 J " Peae, Chaiiner lüc Scabiosa _C N " Piirsnip, Hollow Crown 5c iftnkta FlnwBru Tip ) ƒ " Radiah. French Breakfast.... 5c iw Ps. lowera ------ c ■' " "c Vlek' IllustratedMootlüy Magazine one. i ) ., B,asn. ïïibbSïd" o The miijrazine has been greatly C ialfilfv (Vpffetftblp " bvitörü)"" fr improvod for 1897. and is up to date on " Ton !-,Tnifrniionrs '', ■ ftU mattere pertaining to Flowere, P ' Tnrnin Stran L -?f 1 led Ton" V l'h"" l"1. OSes, Lawns, ƒ C Turnip, btrap-Lcaf Bed-Top. 5c Garden, Planta in toe house, ètc. Thé S r Vt,M(.w. tim departinent of correspondence is very X f 18pkts. YegetaDles $1.00 valu.a,le. prioe, per rear 50c THINKOFIT! ALL THIS ! S 1 8 Packets Vegetable Seeds as named $1.OO lü Packets Flower Seeds as named 75 ) Vick's ïllustrated Monthly Magazine, oue year 5O S The Aun Arbor Argus, 512 weeks, 1.ÜO ( v $3.25 for Only $1.75 Cash. $af Now is the time, Send your order at once to THE flRQU5 OmCE,} ANN ARBOR, M1CH. S


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