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A WIUJKO VICTIM. Here's to my wlfe'a Easter bonnet! Lots ol plumes and pewgaws on it. My oíd Bat is bunpted and dirty, My wiie's bonnet oost just thirty. Here's to my wife's Easter bonnet! Fresh and iair as the red rose on it. Each one neat and sweet to see is, Neithor one is as sweet as ene is. Here's tomy wife'e Easter bonnet! I had to pay for all ttaat's on it- Flowers and ribbons- my, wnat a wonder it ! But oh, just think what a dear thing's under O ! - New York Press. F. W. Bigalke, the grooer at 29 E. Washington st., is baving a new front put in to his store. Chas. A. Sauer is doing tbe work. Arthur Brown has purchased the Hnnt property at the corner of N. State and E. Aun sts. The sale was made by Fred T. McOmber. Seventy-five people from this city attended the performance of "Riobelieu" by Thomas Keene and cornpany at Ypsilanti, Saturday night. The Grass Lake News says : " Whenever you see one of the sex at an entertainment who wou't remove her sky plow, yon may know she is ashamed of her hair. " Mayor Hiscock, President Lniók and all the new aldennan have qualifled for offine and the first meeting of the new counoil Wil! be held next Monday evening. C. A. Millard, tbe new proprietor of the Arlington house, took possessiou of that hotel Mouday morning. He will make several improvements in the place and give the traveling public good servioe. Probate Judge Nawkirk has appointea Alonzo E. Ford, of Ypsilanti, a member of the soldiers' relief commission for this oounty in place. of John Kirk, who filled out Postmaster Bu gardus' unexpired term. The Argus does not know whether to congratúlate Evart H. Scott on his appointment to the deputy game wardenship for Washtenaw county or not. Still, he has had his first case already and wbat more oan a man want. Fred G. Schleicber is moving his house at the corner of W. Liberty and Second sts. so as to have it faoe on Second st. and leave room for the new residence he will have ereoted on the site now oceupied by the old house. W. F. Bird, president of the Washtenaw County Hortioultural Society, has reoeived a number of annual reports of the State Horticultural Society. Those eutitled to receive a copy can geb one by calling at Stofflet's news depot, opera house block. NO SHACHM. A íellow who swallowed a draohm Of poison, grew cold as a clachm, Aod when somebody said "I don't thínk he is dead," The corpse quickly shouted "I aehm!" And since then they say that bis íjhost Each night walks around his bed phost, And scares all the t'olks Who aren't used to such jolks (Jlear out of their senses, almhost. -The Chlronlan. Milkman Carr's team ran away on Miller ave. Mouday morning and after dragging tliu wagon half around the city landeri ie in the yard in front of Dr. Kapp's office on S. Main st. Nothng was broken. Chief Sipley and the fire department joys were last week preseuted with a jox of cigars and a personal letter of thanks by Martin Sohaller, as a token of appreoiation of their good work at ;he fire in his store and rooms at 19 E. Washington st., on the night of Maren 30. Dr. Boone, ,E. A. Stroug, Mrs. Luoy A. Osband, and Prof. W. H. Sberzer, of Ypsilanti, have been appointed members of the committees which will arrange for the coming meeting in Detroit of the American Assooiation for the Advancement of Science. Charlie Luttermoser, wbo has been ;he very competent meat cutter of the Palace meat market for the past few ruonths haB moved with his family to Ann Arbor. Charlie will hereafter be employed as outter in Charles Pardon's market- Oakland Exoelsior, South Lyou. The arrangements for the Easter ball, i to he given by Arbor Tent, No. 296, K. O. T. M., at Macoabee hall, over the postoffioe, next Monday evening ate now complete and it promises to be a mosfc enjoyable affair. The committee annonnces that a special surprise awaits the ladies attendiug the ball. The official returns from the various towns have been so slow in coming in tbat it is impossible to give definite snlts this week - Ann Arbor Eegister. The third page of the Argus, on whioh a f all and complete result of the town elections appears, was printed on Wednesday afternoon of last week; the Eegister was not printed until Thursday. 'Nuff said. Jacob Ganzhorn, yellows commissioner, is now going through the city to see that black knots are removed froin cberry and plnm trees, and bligbted branches on pear trees. The law declares these diseases a public nuisance and imposes a fine of $100 or three months imprisonment, for neglecting to remove such trees or branohes, aocording to the order of the oomtnissioner. Mr. Charles Daly and Miss Sarah E Boise, of Lyndon, were married at the M. E. parsouage, in Ann Arbor, on Saturday evening last by Bev. B. JJ. McElroy. Mnch to their disgust they were treated to an informal "horning bee" at the American house, Ann Ar bor, where they stopped Saturday night, by a traveling man who had secured a big tiu horn and used it with a very noisy effect. A grain dealer in Cass county sent out a circular to his oustomers inquriug the amount of old crops on hand. One answer he got was: "All we'ye got in ;hs neighborhood is three widders, two school ruarms, a patch of wheat, the nog cholera, too much rain, about 50 aores of 'taters and a darned fooi who married a cross eyed gal because she owned 80 shfsep and a mulé, whicb same is me, and so no more at present. " -Standard, Sterling, 111. Mrs. S. A. Baker, who played the part of the Duchess of York at the production of "Richard III" by Thomas W. Keene and company at the Grand opera house Friday evening, is without doubt the oldest actress in the world. She is 80 years of age, has been on the stage for 60 years, and has been with Mr. Keene for 15 years. The only part she now plays is that in which she appeared Friday night and she says this is her last season on the stage. Th3 Ann Arbor and YpsiJanti üiectrio railway people are fignring on a new car for the service between the two cities. The plan they are now looking into will be a car with a total length of 42 feet. There is to be a ves tibnle of four feet on each end and a baggage aod smoking corapartment 10 feet in length. This wil! make the length of the regular passenger compartment 24 feet. The plan, however, is only ín its infancy.- Times. Harry Kiobards has applied for a patent on bis "jumping beans. " Tbe north side ladies oleared $40 ; from their maple sugar sooial last Friday, whieh bas been added to the church building fund. The frequent ■warm i-ains the past week have had a wonderful brightening effect on tbe lawns in onr city. The grass has a beantifuuly verdant spiiDg look now. The editor of the Oakland Excelsior, publisbed at South Lyon, had the misfortune to lose the thumb of bis right hand a couple of weeks ago. Bro. Eorabacher bas our sincere sympathy in his loss. The Michigan reoeiver of the Grauite State Provident Association of New Hampsbire, whioh went to the wall last year, is now ready to declare a dividend. Ann Arbor shareholders are donbtless glad to heat it. Mr. Stillsou, of Whitmore Lake, bas filled his new ice house with ice on the lower íioor and has fitted up tbe upper floor for dancing and otber parties. The dancers should have no trouble in keeping cool in warm weather. Ann Arbor is one of the places at ■which events will be held by the recently organized Michigan-Indiana Bicycle Circuit. Tbe dates are Juno 10 and 11. There will be f our professional, four amateur, and two local events. The Argus bas received with the compliments of Louis H. Cooke, the general agent of the great Barnum & Bailey cirons, a handsomsly illustrated Ipamphlet, full of information about the I great show which is to exhibit in Ann Arbor thia sumiller. "Kain-in-the-Face" was in town several days this week, and this morning it was discovered that "Snow-onthe-Ground" had pitched his wigwam hete and had invited "North-EaBtWind" and all the little "Snow-Flake" tribe to visit him. - Milan Leader. The jury again disagreed on Monday afternooD in the assanlt and battery case of the People vs. E. J. Stilsoü, tried before Jnstice Pond. The ooraplaining witness was Adam A. JVleuth who was so serionsly injured some rnonths ago tbrough beiug struck on the arm and shonlders by a chair in the hands óf Stilson. No. 2 of Volume 1 of "The Breeze," tbe Ann Aibor High Sahool studeuts' ublication has been received at the Argus offioe. It is oalled tbe "Junior !io. " and uontains 48 pages of articles 'rom the pens of high sohool scholars, [t is very neatly got up, the front cover 3eiug printed in yellow and blaok. It is on sale at the bookstores. Charles T. Estleman and wife were arraigned in Justice Pund's oourt Monday on the charge of aisou. After considerable discussion tbe examination was set for Tuesday morning next at 9 o'clock. Bail was flxed at $1,000 each, whioh neither furnisned, and were therefore remapded to jail. Some of tbe largest growers in the lake shore fruit belt assert that in iuany places the freezing of the peach buds during the cold weather was a positive benefit to orchards, as the numbe.r of bnds killed was about the proportion which would have to be thinned out by hand wheu half grown in order that the remaiuder niight matuie. The thinaing out of the fruit on the trees requires tbe most expert labor conuected with peach raising, and in some years forms no little part of the expense of raising a erop. , H. Wirt Newkirk, judge of probate, will become a resident of Anu Arbor, and to that end has purchased of Arthnr Brown the lot on the old Hunt property at the corner of N. State and E. Ann st, on which he will have built a comfortable home for the occupation of hiinself and family. Mr. Brown will build hiraself a house on the adjoining lot facing on State st, and the lot facing on E. Ann st. , bas been sold to John Schlee. The old house will be torn down. Ann Arbor Commandery, No. 13, K. T., had a five honrs' session Tuesday night when it couferrd the Bed Cross degree on three candidates and the Temple and Malta degrees on JKev. Wm. Gardam, of Ypsilanti. During tbe evening W. W. Watts, wbo has just completed a year's service as eminent commander.was presented with a beau tifnl K. T. ohasm set with diainonds. The presentation speech was made by L. C. Goodrich and was briefly responded to by Mr. Watts. OLD MOTU EK BI.OOMERS. C)U1 Motlier Bloomci") Kopt boarders and roomers, And ou each one she mado a good (leal: She aaved up her caab, Made her boarders eat hash, And now she is rilling a wlieel. -N. Y Truth. Martin Schaller this week shipped some large cash orders of wall paper to a party in Calainet. Kellar, the magician, is billed for au exbibitiou at the Graad opera house Thnrsday evening, April 29. Ann Arbor Lodge, No. 44, K. of P. , has sarrendered its charter and is to be reorgaoized on a uew basis. The residents of E Ann st. vvill petition the council at its meeting Monday night for a sewer on that Street alone. Charles Lutz bas purchased the vacant lot nest south of bis butcher ehop on N. Maiu st. , and expects to build on it soon. M. Staebler has on exhibitiou at nis bioycle emponum a handsome pair of bicyole huudles tnade of mother of pearl and solid silver. Easter servioes at St. Andrew's chnrch will be: Holy CommuoioD at 7 a. m. aad 10:30 a. m. and childreu's festival of song at 4 p. m. The legislature has refused to grant appropriations for an electrio lighting plant for the univeisity on the gronnr: that it can be got cheaper form the looal compauy. James Baker died at his home on the 3orth aide Tnesday aged 74 years. The uneral services were held Wednesday ifternoon and he was buried in the fifth ward cemetery. Col. H. 8. Dean has been appointed jhairmau oí the transportaron commit;ee of the Michigan department G. A. R. for the ensning year, by Department Cornmander A. T. Bliss. Charles Ball, a former resident of knn Arbor, died in Solon, Mioh., Tnesday. The remains were brought aere Wednesday night and were interrtd in Forest Üill cemetery. Rev. J. Nelson Lewis, of this city, Eormerly pastor of the First Baptist sburcb of Malden, Mass., will preach at the Unitariau ohnrch next Sunday Bvening. Subject'The coming Cieed." The sermun preached by Rev. J. T. Sunderland last Snnday morning on " Why am I a Unitarian!?" was listensd to by an unusually large andienoe. In answer to a very general demand it will be printed, and may be obtained at the chnroh next Snnday. Mrs. Wiedemann's house at VVhitmore Lake, was aestroyed by fire Wednesday night of last week together with Mrs. Wiedemann's fnrnitnre which was stored in one of the npper ohambers. Most of Mr. Gioss' furniture, etc, on the flrst Hoor was saved. There was some insurance on the place. There will be a special Eaeter service for old and yonng at the Unitarian church next Sunday rnorning with an Easter address to the children, a short Easter sermón to adnlts, parts taken in tbe service by the yonng people, extra music, decorations of the church with flowers, and welcome of new. members into the church. The boaid of directora of the Washtenaw Mutual Fire Insurance Co. on Satnrday allowed 10 lpsses, aggregating a little over $2,000. Two of these losses were from lightning, of this seaRon. This amouut does not include the loss on Mr. Roberts' barns in Pittsfield which will inorease the amouut $800 or $900. Germania and Frenndschafts Lodges, D. O. H., will celébrate the öOth auniversacy of the Gurruan Order of Harugari at their hall next Monday evening. Dr. Conrad Georg will deliver an address. An invitation has beeu extended to all Gerruan-Americans in the city to be present aud participate m the ceremonies. Ann Arbor (Juminandery, No. 18, K. T., will attend special Easter services Snnday evening at St. Luke's Episcopal church, Ypsilanti, in response to an invitation from Sir Knight and JRev. Wm. Gardam, rector of the church. The members will be accompanied by their ladies and will go to Ypsilanti by speoial motor. At a meeting of the Ann Arbor Gas Co. held Monday morning, the following directors were elected : E. D. Kinne, H. W. Douglas, S. T. Douglas, Wm. Wagner and Moses Seabolt. The board organized by electing as offioers: E. D. Kinne, president; Hairy W. Douglas, secretary and superintendent; S. T. Douglas, treasurer. Mrs. Clara L. Hendrickson died of consumption at her home in Chicago, April 7, aged 86 years. Her remains were brought to Ann Arbor for burial Friday afternoon by her husband Foreman S. Hendrickson and were interred in Forest Hill cemetery, the funeral services being conducted by Rev. Arthur Stalker. Besides her husband she leaves one daughter to mourn her loss.