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The Marine Engineer

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Froni the time, less than 60 years ago, when the first steam vessel erossed the 'Atlantic the evolution of the marine engineer has been rapid, but he is the one class of marine craftsman that, above all others, has kept pace with the developments of this fast speeding age, and he stands today the most flnished product of a century that has created more new types and more new occupations than any that has preceded it. The marine engineer today is more important than any deck officer, bnt his importance is as little recognized by the nonseaf uring man as his identity is concealed from the view of those who travel in ships. Down in the bowels of the vessel, he controls not only the propulsi├│n, but the steering, lighting, pumping, anchoring, ventilation of the modern marine structure, and on the warhip he is even responsible for the inanipulation of heavy guns. The eyes that steer the ship are those of the offlcer of the watch, but the brain that guides the ship to her destination and regulates her internal economy is the brain of the marine engineer. His is the real responsibility, and, we are afraid, his is the least share of the honor that is given to those who serve their country or their employers with courage and devotion on the sea. All the world heard of the gallantry of Captain Kane of the Calliope in working his ship out of the Samoa anchorage in the teeth of a cyclone. Who heard of the struggle of the engineer officers with the machinery down below, and how many know even the ├▒ames of


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