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Lettuce Cream For The Face

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The milk juice of the lettuce has always been highly csteenied by Frenchvomen for its healing qualities as acosinetic. To make a perfectly wholosorue lettuce creara pour a qnart of boiling water over half a pcck of the full grown öutside green leaves of scveral heads of lettuce. After the letfruce has stood a moment draiu off thé water and chop the lettuce fine. Put it in a olean towel and wring out all the juice that ;an be extracted. Only the dry pulp will be left in the towel. Put this juice iu a small saucepa) of bright tin and boil it down for frwo or three minutes. There should be about three tablespoonftili of the green liquor. Set this asido. Procure half au ouuce each of white was and of spermaceti and 4 ounces of oil of almonds froni a thoroughly trustworthy druggist. Put the matcrials in a large cup and set the cup in a pan of boiling water. The ter should reach to the sanie deptli as the materials in the cup. Let the wax and spermaceti slowly melt iuto the oil. Stir it occasioually. When the mixture is perfectly smooth and no lumps rein ain, add the lettuce juice and stir the mixture thoroughly. Let the cream cool iu the pau that you intend tokeep it in. Set this jar in cold water while it is cooling. If the cream is not a delicate green when hard, melt it and add a few drops of French vegetable green. These colors oost about 25 cents a bottle and will keep a long time if they are corked carefully. No balm is more healing to a complexion that has suffered rough usage


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