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Davis Island Swept

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New Orleans, April 13.- Davis island, a 5,000-acre tract in midriver off Warren county, Miss., is reported tobe flooded. Word reached here that the levees on the i?land's northern end had broken through, letting the water have full sweep the whole length of the island. Davis island had 2,500 inhabitants wher. the lood began. but many of them have been moving since. On'iy londay morning the steamer St. Joseph arrived at St. Joseph, La., having been detailed at Ursinal plantation m Davis island, taking on women anl children and mules, cattle and other domestic anim√°is. Planten Were Not Frightened, It was not apparent to the people on the boat that the planters were panicstriCken. It was ascertained, however, that they feared the levees would not stand rauch longer, though every effort had been made to hold them. The water had overtopped them in several places, causing an exodus to take place. Davis island is not within the limits of any levee district, but the planters bui.t and had for years maintained a private levee protec√ľng the island from overflow. Of the fate that has overtakn the more than 1,000 people ieft on the island. observers here can only coniecture the worst.


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