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Bulldog Brink Thorne

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The following notice about one of the special features that will be seen with the Barnuuu & Baüey Greatest Show on Barth which will exhibit in Aun Arbor this snmmer, is taken f rom the New York Evening Snn of April 2. The circus was then exhibiting in the Madison Square Garden : "There were two great hits scored at tbe circus last night - one by Rose Meyars in her new bareback act, which is by all odds the most graeeful and difficult act of its kind which bas been shown, and the other by au anouymous bnlldog, which the audience, with oue consent, irntnediately christened Brink Thorne. This dog is a wonder. For nearly a quarter of an hour he kept tne audience in shrieks last nigbt. Oblivious to the fact that marvellous raidair feats were being performed on every side, the audience sat there with its attention riveted solely upon that dog. His specialty was playing football with his nose, and iu the art of keeping the ball a bouncing he could easily act as a successful coach to bnth Yale and Harvard. Hereafter the dog will probably have a place on tbe playbills, for his reception last night was nothing short of an ovation ; but whatever his real name may be it won't do hiin any good this seasou. Brink Thorne he was christened aiid Brink Thórne be will have to remain, at least until the end of the New York engagement. "The opportunities for getting crosseyed at tne circus this year are even greater thau ever before. "The acts come thicker and faster thau ever, and tbere are times when, inclnding the clowns' specialties, tbere are as many as ten acts going od iu the arena. "The clowns are particularly hard worked this season. Tbeir labor begins as soon as the doors are opened and it uever stops unti) the Ia6t small boy has made tracks for home. "The horses are in fine condition, and some of the elepbants have beoome so surpassingly intelligent that Mr. Bailey is thinking seriously of sending a couple of them throngh college next year. The midair performances still make the bald-headed men's hair stand no end, and - well, in short, Barnum's is still Barnum's, the same oíd circus tbat blooms in the spring."


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